Music review: Blake Shelton feat. Pistol Annies "Boys 'Round Here"

Nov 5, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET

So this hit is up for a hefty award, also known as the Musical Event of the Year at the CMAs. The question is, how likely are they to win it, especially with the star power of Shelton?

Blake Shelton

Seriously, what can't Blake Shelton do?

He makes everything turn into gold, and don't forget just how darn likable he is. Half the time I am not even sure what he's saying, but he could be reciting a textbook and I would drop everything I'm doing.

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So, obviously, I'm biased when it comes to this award. I feel as though the combination of the coy, smooth voices of the Pistol Annies and the masculine, gritty and charming accent of Shelton just make for a jam that I want to jump up to dance to. Oh, and in case you didn't know, his wife is one of the gorgeous ladies who is a part of this sensational collaboration.

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It's unlikely that if you aren't from the South you won't understand or relate to the jargon thrown around in the song, but it's a feel-good song for those evenings where you have great company. It may be cold outside, but I was ready to throw on my cowboy boots and sit on the porch I don't have, and call the neighbors I normally don't like.

That's my point about the Shelton charm. His spoken words, his Southern drawl, oh my, oh my! When he isn't winning The Voice, mentoring other artists, being a doting husband to Miranda Lambert or winning awards, he's made time to collaborate with this stunning set of ladies who I must say are absolutely darling.

Even if you don't always gravitate to country music, I would say this track is appealing to just about anyone. And that is probably the best support in favor of being the musical event of the year. Well, besides it being a sneaky and adorable collaboration between a married couple.

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So even if you aren't convinced, and your heart doesn't thump outside of its chest at the grin of a smiling Shelton, check out the video below and watch for yourself. This is the second single off his album, Based on a True Story... It's a lighthearted tale that makes you want to hug the South and one another, all while eating apple pie.

And who doesn't enjoy that?

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