10 Best celebrity visits to Sesame Street

Oct 28, 2013 at 8:31 p.m. ET

Hollywood loves Sesame Street! The proof is in the videos.

Sesame Street gang

Over the years, Sesame Street has paired up with tons familiar faces in pop culture. The results are always funny, sweet and entertaining. We scoured YouTube and spent a few hours laughing our butts off in order to find the very best celebrity visits to Sesame Street. Just watch!

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1) Tom Hiddleston


We want Hiddles!

2) Peter Dinklage


We always forget Tyrion doesn't actually have an accent.

2) Katy Perry


This is the most restrained Perry's cleavage has ever been, but it still caused an uproar.

3) Hugh Jackman


How can we concentrate with Jackman on the screen?!

4) Charlize Theron


For the record: We firmly believe Theron really has never been jealous of anyone.

5) Jimmy Fallon


This time, the Sesame Street gang went to see Fallon. The results are giggle-worthy.

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6) Mark Ruffalo


Another Avenger! We feel empathy for Murray... we can't get a handle on the English language when we're near Ruffalo, either.

7) Jim Parsons


Vocabulary and counting?! Parsons really is a genius.

8) Henry Cavill


No one teaches respect better than Supes.

9) Sofia Vergara


Has Vergara been Muppet-ified yet? We think it's time. We love that crazy lady!

10) Ricky Gervais


We need a nap now, night-night!

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Image courtesy of PBS