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14 (shirtless) men we want Santa to put under the tree

5 soon-to-be “it” boys

You read it here first. These are the shirtless wonders who may not be on
your radar right now, but who we predict will be the next “it” boys.



Jeff Timmons

Jeff Timmons shirtless
Photo credit: F & G Photography

Santa, remember Jeff Timmons from 98 Degrees? (Yeah, it’s OK. Neither did we.) Well this boy-bander is all grown up and is producing, hosting and starring in Men of the Strip — a real-life Magic Mike show. It’s freezing outside, Santa, so please bring Jeff Timmons and his 98-degree self to our living room.


Sam Homan

Sam Homan shirtless
Photo credit: Darren Black

Santa, if you don’t know who Sam Homan is, you soon will. This insanely fine work of male art is from Ireland (sigh), is a male model (der) and likes to cook and bake (excuse us, Santa, we need to be alone for a moment). When we asked him for a photo for our Santa list, he was an absolute dove to work with. So before he becomes a household name, will you please bring Sam down the chimney? We’ll take it from there.


Bryan Hawn

Bryan Hawn shirtles
Photo credit: YouTube

Santa, we don’t have time to sit on your lap at the mall this year, but if we did, we’d ask you for an accomplished musician, fitness expert, male model and hyena trainer. His name is Bryan Hawn and you may remember him from the hilarious parody he did of “Wrecking Ball.” Yes, Santa, this is sweat forming at our brow. Please place Hawn and a glass of water under our tree ASAP.


Anthony (from Rethink Breast Cancer campaign)

Anthony (from Rethink Breast Cancer campaign) shirtless
Photo credit: YouTube

Praise the geniuses over at Rethink Breast Cancer who were smart enough to put several hot guys, including the jaw-dropping Anthony, in a video and an app to remind us about breast cancer and self-exams. Santa, any chance you can place Anthony and his friends under our Christmas tree so they can reenact the public service announcement in person?


Zesty guy

Zesty guy shirtless
Photo credit: Twitter Zesty Guy

Santa, we’ve been (mostly) good girls this year, so do us a solid and figure out who the hot guy in the Kraft dressing commercials is. He’s only known as “Zesty Guy.” Zesty indeed. Once you figure out what his name is, please drop him down our chimney (shirtless, of course) with that outdoor kitchen he’s always working so hard in. He can toss our salad any time.

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