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Sesame Street goes to Homeland for laughs

Sesame Street‘s Homeland parody, Homelamb, presents B(a-a-a-a)rody as a wolf in sheep’s clothing and brings out the crazy in Carrie.
Sesame Street isn’t just for kiddos anymore. A whole generation of Sesame Street viewers are now parents and the Street knows the best way to up young viewership is to remind their original fans just how awesome they are. So, in their continued efforts to remind young parents that it’s still hip to be a Sesame Street kid, they’ve taken on one of our favorite shows: Homeland.

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The Sesame Street parody, Homelamb, stars a flock of sheep Muppets as Special Sheep Agents, the rural, anamorphic version of the CIA. To round out the cast, there’s a sheep in glasses as the SSA’s Saul (played by Mandy Patinkin on Homeland) and Claire DanesHomeland character, Carrie, is portrayed by a lamb with long blonde hair and just a hint or crazy. Of course, Homeland would be nothing without Brody (Damian Lewis). To fill that role, Homelamb had to create Ba-a-a-a-rody… a wolf in sheep’s clothing, complete with a tuft of red hair atop his head.

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The key moment is when the blonde lamb recreates Carrie’s big Season 1 moment when she announced that she didn’t think Brody was as patriotic as everyone thought.

“Ba-a-a-a-rody is not the sheep you think he is!” Carrie exclaims. “I think we need to put eyes and ears on him!”

The lamb proceeds to rub herself against the Ba-a-a-a-rody Muppet, reminding us all of the crazy contradictions that make up Homeland‘s Carrie, a CIA Analyst/Field Agent (two very different jobs that would not normally be held by just one person).

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Homelamb isn’t the Street’s first attempt at reeling in viewers by catering to their young parents. The Public Broadcasting-aired channel regularly does segments with guests that kids won’t recognize but parents love, like Amy Poehler, Steven Colbert and Tom Hiddleston.

For more Muppet-packed fun, scour the internet… or grab a kid (with permission) and spend the morning on Sesame Street.

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