VIDEO: Paul McCartney "Queenie Eye"

Oct 25, 2013 at 8:29 a.m. ET

Sir Paul McCartney is back with the video for "Queenie Eye" — his second single from his recent album New — and it looks like he got by with a little help from his (very famous) friends.

Paul McCartneyGetting its title from a street game Paul McCartney used to play as a kid growing up in Liverpool, the video for his new single "Queenie Eye" starts with Sir Paul stepping into the famous Abbey Road recording studio and sitting down at the piano.

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He gets to the chorus and... wait! All of a sudden Johnny Depp is sitting on the ground listening to the song on earphones.

And he's just the first of the party to show up. All of a sudden, various other people start popping up in the studio, too.

Tracey Ullman listens in the background.

Chris Pine sits in a chair tapping his feet.

Fashion designer Tom Ford makes lounging in a retro club chair look cool.

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Jeremy Irons looks like a sheriff from the 1890s as he sits on a stool and bops along to the song.

Models, cool kids, Jude Law — this studio has everything.

There's Meryl Streep! The only person who could possibly make this more of a party would be Kate Moss. Yup, she's there, too, suggestively flipping her hair. And finally, the always brooding Sean Penn joins the party.

I'm sure my invitation just got lost in the mail.

All too soon, the song ends and we are back to Paul sitting by himself behind the piano. There isn't a party, and there never was one. It's always been just Paul.

But that's the magic of Abbey Road, isn't it?

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"Queenie Eye" is the second single off of McCartney's new album New, which came out last month.

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