The people's Christian Grey: Get to know Nick Bateman

Oct 24, 2013 at 8:29 p.m. ET

Prior to Jamie Dornan being cast as the new Christian Grey, rumors swirled around many hunky men. An overwhelming fan fave? Model/actor Nick Bateman. Naturally, we decided a little Instagram-stalking was in order. Here's what we found.

He turns to mush around puppies

Who doesn't love a guy who loves dogs? Here, Bateman is enjoying a rare day off with his own puppy-pal, Joey, but his Instagram feed is also full of pics of this stud with other super-cute canines.

He grew up in the '90s... and loved it

Happily posing beside a sidewalk chalk drawing of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bateman gives a little nod to his favorite of the nunchuck-wielding terrapins: Donatello. Earlier this year, he also referenced the early '90s cult classic The Sandlot as his favorite childhood movie.

He's got a slasher flick in the works

There you have it... not even blood can diminish this guy's gorgeousness. Here, he's coated in gore for a behind-the-scenes interview on the set of his feature horror film Hidden in the Woods. It's slated for release next year, so it might be awhile before Fandango lets you reserve your tickets to drool over Bateman's body — no word yet on whether that body will be dead, or undead for that matter.

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October

When we came across this picture captioned "#Happy #Thanksgiving #Weekend," two questions crossed our minds. 1) Is it a law of the universe that the hotter you are, the more hashtags you use? 2) Canadians have a Thanksgiving, and it's a month earlier than ours? (The latter we now know to be true.)

He loves his mama

Ladies, get ready to really swoon. For Mother's Day, Bateman surprised his mom by planting a lilac tree at her house. All together now — awww! Can we also talk about how incredibly cool his mom's house is?

He'd make one sexy stand-in for Santa Claus

Bateman took this picture "onset," and since we don't know which set that is, our curiosity is certainly piqued. Perhaps it's a movie with a reindeer? A fashion shoot? (That could be interesting.) Regardless, if PETA sees this, we'd like to point out that Bateman's being super-gentle with his hoofed compatriot.

Good looks run in the family

Geez, this family hit the genetic jackpot. In August, Bateman posted this pic with the caption, "#congrats to my #bro #DaveBrooke getting #married #today in #kingston". Bet their parents are total hotties too!

He's completely cute with kids

Not only was he cool with being a pretend dad for a modeling shoot, but Bateman was more than happy to ham it up with his pint-sized costars, calling them his "awesome" kids for the week.

He would have made a damn good Christian Grey

This one kind of goes without saying. I mean, he's obscenely hot. So, yeah, there's that. But, judging from the rest of his Instagram feed, he also actually appears to be a genuinely good guy who loves puppies, kids, his mama, his boys and taking shirtless selfies. I mean, c'mon... what's not to love?

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