Work it! Britney Spears says being sexy is her job

Oct 24, 2013 at 5:08 p.m. ET

Britney Spears has been turning heads with her sexy "Work B****" video and has recently admitted that she loves being a sex kitten.

Britney Spears has a sex kitten persona

Britney Spears has made a massive comeback since her hiatus, releasing one of her hottest singles and showcasing an even hotter figure.

The 31-year-old star has been turning heads with her toned figure which she hasn't been afraid to flaunt in the video for her new single "Work B****."

Spears previously revealed that the majority of her very sexy scenes were actually cut from the video.

She told E! News, "Oh my god, we showed way more skin and did way more stuff for the video than what is actually there."

"Like, I cut out half the video because I am a mother and because, you know, I have children, and it's just hard to play sexy mom while you're being a pop star as well."

Spears is mother to her two sons, Sean Preston, 8, and Jayden James, 7, who she shares with ex-husband Kevin Federline. That means that all her sexiness is actually just a persona and she plays two very different roles: one as a sex kitten and another as a mother.

When asked about her raunchy outfits and dancing, Spears told Showbiz, "I think it goes with what I do. It's my job to portray more of a sex kitten than what I really am at home with my kids."

However, that doesn't mean that the pop princess doesn't enjoying playing the role of sex kitten and whipping her dancers while dancing in a black latex bikini.

Spears said, "As artists I think people who are really shy — I'm really shy in person — so when I get on stage, it's really good for me to become this different character because it's like therapy for me."

Spears has enjoyed immense success in the music business and is fortunate to be blessed with very good looks, but that hasn't stopped her from feeling pressure to look a certain way.

The "Piece of Me" hit maker said, "I think there is a pressure for girls to have the right nose, the right body and you are your environment so it becomes contagious when you get in that environment."

"You actually become that yourself, so it's important to keep cool people around you to keep you grounded."

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