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VIDEOS: Drop everything and watch this Lorde parody

You know what your day needs? A whole lotta funny. The Key of Awesome and Ylvis are here to deliver with a parody of Lorde’s “Royals” video and a song about, what else, Massachusetts. Close the door and enjoy.


“Royals” parody

We couldn’t love Lorde more if we tried, so we had really mixed feelings about watching a parody of her “bump-Miley-Cyrus-from-the-No.-1-spot” song “Royals.” But we pushed play and are we ever glad we did. The folks at The Key of Awesome (who also profess their love for Lorde at the end of the video) nailed it. Awesome, indeed. Here’s hoping Lorde can laugh at herself.

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“Applause” parody

It’s sort of weird that anyone would take the time to parody a Lady Gaga video — particularly “Applause” — because the original is already a bit of a parody. That’s just the way the folks at The Key of Awesome roll. With lines like, “I spent the last several months hiding in my ga-garage” and “Everybody stop dancing and cheer for me cause I’m your boss, the boss, the boss,” this Gaga gaffe hits a bull’s-eye. There are lots of one-liner gems in here, and it’s only NSFW in one spot.

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Ylvis’ “Massachusetts”

The kings of random (Ylvis) who brought us “What Does the Fox Say?” are at it again with an inexplicable ode to Massachusetts. We’re not sure why a group of Norwegian guys would set their sights on Massachusetts, but then again we’re still trying to figure “What Does the Fox Say?” This video is brilliant in its randomness, and once again is only NSFW in one spot toward the end.

“Perm It Up”

When you crank out a somewhat mindless tune like Rihanna‘s “Pour It Up,” (seriously, are we completely out of ideas, RiRi?) you’re sort of setting yourself up for a parody. “Perm It Up” tells us the story of what happens when you perm your hair — “Perm it up, perm it up, watch it all fall out. Sew it up, sew it up, cause it won’t grow out.” It meanders a bit at the beginning, so stoke it up at about 2:23 if you’re in a hurry.

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