Austin & Ally's Laura Marano: Relationships get complex this season!

Oct 25, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. ET

Could Austin and Ally end up in a relationship during this season of the hit Disney Channel show? Star Laura Marano gives us a big hint.

Laura Marano talks Austin & Ally

Good news: Austin & Ally is finally back on the Disney Channel for a new season this Sunday at 8:30 p.m. EST. Great news: We managed to get star Laura Marano to give us a few inside details about the episode and what we can expect between the musical duo.

"Some relationships get even more complex!" Marano told SheKnows. "Right away, in the first episode, Ally is forced to make yet another decision, and of course, she is very torn."

No doubt she'll find a way through it, thanks to her newfound confidence as both a person and a musician.

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"Ally has definitely changed an incredible amount since the first season," Marano said. "From fashion and hair to overcoming her deepest fears, Ally has gone through quite the transformation, which has been really fun to be a part of."

The teen actress said it's been fun to play the character as she goes through changes and finds her "voice," both literally and figuratively.

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"It's funny, I found myself — the actress who plays Ally and is fully aware that she is just a character — rooting for Ally to become more confident," Marano said. "It's great that the same girl who could barely perform in front of her friends in the first season now has a record deal and is writing an album in the third season!"

As for the music, Marano hinted that they definitely kick things up a notch.

"Since Ally has a record deal and is totally ready to put herself out there, I would love for her to start performing more!" she said. "Also, I am kinda hoping she will finally start making time for a certain boy she has known for three season… that also happens to be her songwriting partner. I guess, we'll have to see what happens!"

And on that note, what's written in the note Ally received at the end of last season?

"It is super sweet!" she revealed. "Trust me, you will find out soon enough!"

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