Selena Gomez tells her fans that class is "the sexiest thing"

Oct 22, 2013 at 7:35 p.m. ET

Selena Gomez likes her good-girl image and wants fans to know that "the sexiest thing is class."

Selena Gomez

Letting her fans know that it's alright not to give in to the pressure of being sexier, Selena Gomez told concertgoers in Philadelphia that having class is what's really sexy.

During a Stars Dance tour stop in Pennsylvania, Gomez addressed her audience saying how hard it's been to transition from a child star to an adult singer and the obstacles she's had to endure.

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"I get it all day, every day," Gomez told the screaming crowd. "I'm not sexy enough, or I'm not cool enough or if I did this I would be accepted."

So, she gave a very powerful message to everyone when she told them, "Let me tell you one thing: The sexiest thing... is class."

Gomez has surely grown up, and her new music and image are much more mature than they were during her earlier Disney days. But, the 21-year-old singer-actress' "sexiness" has not reached Miley Cyrus proportions by a long shot.

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The former Wizards of Waverly Place star famously dated Justin Bieber, and the pair tweeted countless photos of themselves for fans. However, Gomez has never been one to post semi-naked selfies as so many other young female stars have been doing as of late.

Gomez's message comes at the heels of another celebrity's post with a similar take. Parks & Recreation star Rashida Jones tweeted a sentiment of her own, claiming the "norm" of what's accepted these days as sexy has reached extreme proportions.

"This week's celeb news takeaway: she who comes closest to showing the actual inside of her vagina is most popular." Jones wrote.


She also quipped that while it's a star's prerogative if they want to be sexy, they should still leave "something to the imagination."

Big stars like Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and, of course, Cyrus, are constantly posting R-rated photos of themselves and making videos that are porn-worthy. So, it was only a matter of time before someone in the industry spoke their mind about it.

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