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INTERVIEW: Cody Simpson talks new music, working with Justin Bieber

Cody Simpson stopped by the SheKnows studio and spoke about living in California, working with other artists and being an ambassador for teen cancer.

Australian teen-pop star Cody Simpson took some time to talk to SheKnows again, and spoke all about living in California, touring with Justin Bieber for his new album, his hopes of collaborating with John Mayer as well as working with cancer patients.

Although Simpson loves his homeland and wishes he could be there, he is thoroughly enjoying life in California at the moment. “I’ve got to be here to do everything I want to do,” Simpson said. “I really enjoy living here now. I lived down south a little bit on the beach… I really enjoy the weather and stuff here in California.”

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The 16-year-old singer also spoke about having had a “really good chat” with Mayer and wanting to collaborate with the singer-songwriter someday. Plus, he’d also love to work with Jack Johnson as well, going into a more soulful direction with his music rather than working with rappers again.

Simpson just finished touring with Bieber this summer for his new album, and said he had lots of fun with the Biebs, as well as doing the Paradise tour. But, he prefers the softer music of artists like Mayer, Johnson and Ziggy Marley.

The young heartthrob has a new book coming out next week, as well as his new EP within the next month. But, a project he has really embraced lately is his work as a teen cancer ambassador.

“I was honored, obviously, that they even considered me being a young ambassador for it,” Simpson said. “I just went and visited the ward they opened in Santa Monica and I was really touched by the whole experience. It’s something that no kid should have to deal with.”

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Another hot issue Simpson touched upon is his relationship status. Lucky for most fans, Simpson is not going to break anyone’s heart by saying he is taken.

“I’m still on the market, yeah,” Simpson teased. “Im just… cruising, cruising around.”

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