SPOILERS: 6 Plot twists in The Originals Season 1

Oct 21, 2013 at 11:30 p.m. ET

Just because Klaus is immortal doesn't mean he can't be hurt. We already know about Davina's mission to take down an original. Expect her to get creative.

Davina in The Originals

The questions are building as The Originals sets the framework in the first few episodes that will carry us through the season. We're quickly discovering the show isn't just an extension of The Vampire Diaries. Far from it, in fact. The Originals' plot is focusing on its own politics at the heart of New Orleans. So who will win the battle for the city? Of course, the answer won't be that easy or that blood-free. There are battles ahead.

WARNING: Do not continue reading unless you want spoilers for Season 1 of The Originals.

Here's what you can expect:

1. Klaus will discover fates worse than death

Remember how Stefan (Paul Wesley) was locked inside that safe for three months at the bottom of the quarry? Yeah. Klaus better watch his back.

Joseph Morgan, who stars as the original bad boy, spoke with Digital Spy and was careful to warn that "invincible" doesn't equal "safe." He said the team of writers for The Originals is "wonderfully creative."

Now that Davina is on a rampage to kill an original, Klaus could be in serious trouble.

2. Love isn't in the cards for Klaus

Fear not Klaroline fans!

Klaus is getting no where fast with the blond bartender, Cami, though Episode 3 had some viewers worried.

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Joseph Morgan told E! Online, "He has a connection in different ways with different characters but there's been no kissing, I suppose, or no kind of moment where you go, 'Yeah, that's going to happen.'"

Okay, so he doesn't completely rule out a relationship in the above statement, but at least we can rest assured he hasn't completely forgotten Caroline so easily or quickly. If he and Cami do end up together, it will be a slow burn indeed.

3. There's more to Cami than meets the eye

We guessed this would be the case. The girl can't keep letting those silly vampire boys compel her left and right.

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"There's a lot more than meets the eye now, and I love where they're taking my character," Leah Pipes said of her character, Cami, according to TheWrap. Pipes was also sure to mention Cami will be giving the vampires "a run for their money." We can't wait to see her take on the town!

4. Episode 8 will be a treat

The star of the show got people buzzing a few days ago when he posted the following on his Twitter account after wrapping up a day of filming:


5. Don't worry, there's going to be kissing

As reported by TheWrap, Pipes also said that the show was going to get a little more romantic. Though she prefers to think of the love story second. In her mind, it's a gangster story where everyone's fighting. Sure there's violence, but it's also very political.

6. Klaus will go to "extreme lengths" to protect Hayley

According to the official synopsis for Episode 6, Hayley's life will be threatened, and Klaus will stepping in to save the day. It looks like he's going to lay it all on the line for his impending bundle of joy. Maybe he does want to be a father after all.

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