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Nikki DeLoach on the new season of Awkward: It’s “authentic

The new season of Awkward is finally here! We asked star Nikki DeLoach to give us a few spoilers about the new episodes and she obliged… kind of!

Actress Nikki DeLoach is due to give birth to her first son any day now, but first she’s welcoming another special delivery: The new season of her hit MTV show Awkward, which debuts Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m. EST.

We recently sat down with DeLoach and tried to get her to spill all the scandalous secrets about the coming episodes.

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“You might have to tickle me,” the actress joked to SheKnows. DeLoach might not be willing to reveal all of the details about the upcoming season, but she did hint that her daughter on the show, Jenna, will be going through a lot of changes.

Getting 20 episodes gives us a lot of space to explore even more,” DeLoach said. “A lot of shows don’t take the risk of letting their lead character go into territory of unlikability.”

All of Jenna’s angst might be hard for younger viewers to understand, but DeLoach added that older teens will completely understand what Jenna’s experiencing in her life. “It’s authentic to what a teenager goes through… Most everyone who is a little older will love where we were taking the character because it’s relatable,” DeLoach said, adding she wants fans “to stick with it.”

And as for her character, Lacey? She’ll be going through a growing process of her own.

“Lacey, she is trying to just be a mom,” DeLoach said. “The mom that Jenna has always needed and she never had and always wanted.”

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However, Lacey’s troubles with Jenna will be incredibly difficult for the mom to deal with because of her “need to be liked,” she said. Lacey does get a reprieve later in the season when she gets into “oodles and oodles” of trouble with pal Valerie.

Things will all make sense by the finale, DeLoach said.

“In the finale there’s a really touching scene [between Jenna and Lacey],” she revealed. “Go with us to the finale. Take the ride with Jenna. Be open to the possibility to learning something along the way.”

We’re ready for the ride!

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