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SheKnows readers’ top 10 favorite entertainment stories of 2013


New Girl drinking game: True American

Quarters is so 10 years ago! Drinking games are still a thing, but there are a lot of exciting new twists on old classics. The gang from New Girl loves playing True American, and SheKnows helped fans out by explaining how the bizarre game is played. This top 5 article gave readers rules, regs and even a detailed map! Now you no longer have an excuse for having a lame Saturday night.


Musburger’s creepy ode to
A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend, Katherine Webb

Wow. People get testy when you dog on the cool kid, and this article proves it. SheKnows’ Kat Robinson wrote this article about a report in USA Today and was crucified for it in the comments section. Brent Musburger commented on Katherine Webb’s beauty at a BCS game, and Robinson wrote about fans who went to Twitter to express how creeped out they were. Talk about killing the messenger!

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Actresses upset over “We Saw Your Boobs”… or were they?

It’s probably not terribly surprising that our No. 3 article for the year has to do with boobs. People are fascinated with boobs and their presence in pop culture. In this case, everyone tuned in to see if the actresses that Oscars host Seth MacFarlane sang about in “We Saw Your Boobs” were offended. Turns out the actresses’ reactions were prerecorded, so they were all in on the joke. However, the strong opinions that people posted in the comments section were sort of surprising.

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2013 MTV Video Music Awards

The MTV Video Music Awards never disappoints as awards season’s most scandalous presentation. This year, with the “Miley Cyrus performance seen and heard round the world,” it was no different. Readers showed up en masse to read all of our pregame articles, take polls, watch videos and listen to a VMAs playlist. This feature was all the best the 2013 VMAs had to offer, all under one roof.

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Who’s hotter: One Direction vs. The Wanted?

Is it weird that over 185,000 readers took the poll to voice their opinion on which of these two boy bands is hotter? Not at all, especially when you consider that Parks and Recreation‘s Mara Marini authored the comparison between One Direction and The Wanted. What is a little hard to wrap our heads around is the fact that over 400 people commented on the article. We’ve heard of loyal fans, but that is impressive.

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