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Christina Milian dishes about Dancing With the Stars

Christina Milian may have been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars last Monday, but in an exclusive interview with SheKnows, she said it wasn’t just about winning.

Sadly, Christina Milian and her partner, Mark Ballas, were eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last Monday night. Ballas reportedly took issue with Julianne Hough’s comments about how he liked to steal the spotlight from his partners.

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But all of the drama aside, Milian said that she had a lot of fun working on the show. In an exclusive interview conducted with SheKnows just days before her elimination, Milian had a lot of positive things to say about her experience. One positive? The ability to eat almost anything she wanted.

“With the amount of dancing I’m doing, I can almost eat anything that I want,” Milian said happily. “I think I’ve lost like 8 pounds already, just dancing. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to eat because we’re working so hard. By the end of the day, when you finally eat, you get full really fast. Then I have my days [when] my appetite is just huge and I can eat anything in sight.”

At the time, Milian was already worried about what would happen when the show was over, especially with the holidays coming up.

“It’s good because at least my metabolism is up, but when it’s over, I’m going to be [thinking], ‘What’s going to happen? The holidays are coming up!’ I gained 15 pounds last holiday, so at least I might go back to my regular body since I lost the weight.”

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As for the show itself, Milian said she was having the time of her life and that winning wasn’t the only important thing about being in the competition.

“It’s fun — I’m honestly having the time of my life,” Milian said. “This is an experience and a challenge that I never thought I would actually face. Doing it was really scary for me — coming into the idea that I would actually do it, like be in a competition, be judged and be voted for. So that part is scary, but to be honest, it’s the week-to-week challenge of learning a new dance and getting on that stage and performing live [that] is actually a lot of fun.

“You don’t want to leave. That’s [why] you really don’t want to be eliminated. It’s not about being the winner — it’s just that I love the adventure.”

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When asked who she thought might take the crown this year, Milian had a hard time narrowing it down to just one other competitor.

“There’s some fierce competition, but I gotta say some people — like Amber Riley is amazing, Corbin Bleu is fantastic, Snooki is great, even Bill is just adorable. Brant surprised me because I didn’t know he could dance, and then he’s really shaking his stuff.”

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