SPOILERS: Nick's a wild zombie in Grimm Season 3

Oct 18, 2013 at 8:40 p.m. ET

Grimm Season 3 is shaping up to be a tighter, more character-driven story than previous seasons — and what we've seen so far promises more action, heightened mystery and deeper relationships.

Grimm Zombie Nick

At the end of Grimm Season 2, things were looking pretty grim, indeed. The premiere episode of Season 3, "The Ungrateful Dead," drops us right back into the middle of the action, giving us even more details about the terrible fate awaiting Nick (David Giuntoli). What else do we know about Season 3?

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A powerful team has been formed

When Nick first learned of his Grimm status, he was pretty sure he was in for a lonely future fighting the unknown creatures of the night. Instead, the Grimm finds himself surrounded by a helpful group of close friends and allies including humans, cops and Wesen — including the royal Captain Renard (Sasha Roiz). There's no longer any question as to where Renard's loyalties lie, as he puts himself in the thick of it for the team.

There are two important deaths on the way

Both deaths have great implications for those involved, and one incriminates a team member as a murderer, causing many others to lie on the team member's behalf. The lies are unwelcome, and the suspected murderer fights the good intentions. Will a confession be on the way, meaning even more trouble for all involved?

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The Hexenbiest is dead. Long live the Hexenbiest!

Adalind (Claire Coffee) is going to undergo a series of trials in her attempt to regain her powers, but with each step, the power must accept her. Does her power want her back, or will it put up a struggle along the way? The trials are grisly and ugly at heart — just like Adalind. Maybe that will work in her favor.

Some new faces are coming to town

Sharon Leal has signed on for a multiple-episode arc as a therapist helping Hank (Russell Hornsby) with his ankle injury. It had previously been disclosed on TVLine that Hank would be getting a love interest this season. Might Leal's Zuri Ellis be the one?

Entertainment Weekly confirmed that Angel favorite Alexis Denisof will be heading to Grimm as Viktor Albert Wilhelm George Beckendorf (what were his parents thinking?!), a first cousin of Renard's half brother Eric (James Frain). Why he'll be in town is anybody's guess, but it's probably a good bet he'll be stirring up trouble for Renard and his new band of merry misfits!

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A Grimm is not like other men

What happens when a Grimm is infected with a Wesen spell? What happens when he's cured by one? It appears those are two questions that are going to be answered during Grimm Season 3, but they might not come easy. Nick's reaction to the zombie spell puts him over the edge. He never makes it across the pond, and set loose in Portland, his rage is almost unstoppable. Will his friends be able to save him from himself? Tune in to find out.

Grimm returns Friday, Oct. 25, at 9/8c on NBC.

Image courtesy of Ben Cohen/NBC