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The Tomorrow People spoilers: Episode 4 is key

Two episodes of The CW’s The Tomorrow People have aired so far, and it’s already pretty heated. However, the show promises things will get even crazier in the coming weeks.

The Tomorrow People is still struggling to gain a loyal fan base. Episode 2 saw a slight increase in total viewers, according to Nielsen, though it’s still too early to call the future of the show. Critics have mixed opinions.

The CW is generally pretty good about giving shows a chance and has already ordered more episodes of The Tomorrow People. That’s a vote of confidence from the network, but is it enough to get viewers on board for an entire season? You be the judge.

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The Hollywood Reporter talked with star Luke Mitchell, who said Episode 4 will be a “bombshell” turning point — though he didn’t really spill the details on what that means. Could it be something from John’s past? Rumors are that he used to work for Ultra and has a complicated past with the organization and Jedikiah. He also is skeptical about Stephen, especially considering his connection with Cara. We can’t blame the guy for not wanting to watch his girlfriend fall for another.

Secrets don’t make friends, they make love triangles

Not surprisingly, Stephen’s connection to Cara will continue to deepen, and their relationship will heighten. In the interview, Mitchell wouldn’t spill whether or not John will find out about the kiss between Stephen and Cara. Let’s just assume he will, because where’s the drama in a secret that stays a secret? He’s got to find out, and of course, it won’t be pretty. The only question is when.

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As for the love triangle, pick your side now because it’s coming quick. Are you a John kind of girl, or is Stephen more your type?

Stephen is going for more superhero, less vigilante

Episode 3 of the show is right around the corner. We’re told to expect the twists to keep on coming.

According to The CW, Stephen reluctantly attends a party with Astrid. Not surprisingly, Stephen has an episode and hears another classmate in trouble. Stephen wants to help and reaches out to John and Cara, but they don’t get involved with humans. It sounds like John will be laying down the law!

That doesn’t stop Stephen. He tries to go behind John’s back and enlist Cara’s help anyway. It doesn’t end so well for her, by the looks of the preview. Ultra’s got her strapped to a chair, and Jedikiah clearly doesn’t have a problem disposing of her. Can Stephen save the day?

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