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5 Reasons why The Jonas Brothers may have quit Twitter

The Jonas Brothers canceled their tour, and now their Twitter page is missing! What does it mean for their fans, and what reasons could they have had for deleting their page?

Jonas Brothers

It appears the Jonas Brothers have quit Twitter! The move came just days after the group canceled their nationwide tour, putting their fans into a panic that the breakup rumors may in fact be true.

But what other reasons could the brothers have had for quitting? Here are our five guesses:

Reason #1: Terrified by the prospect of seeing Kim Kardashian’s butt on their newsfeed again.

Though the famous brothers and the famous sisters probably have more in common than they realize, Kardashian’s Twitter photo is enough to scare anyone away. Not to say it’s not good that she is proud of her body, she should be, but that’s not exactly what Twitter was intended for.

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Reason #2: Nick Jonas kept taking his shirt off.

The brother is proud of his new, grown-up body (as are we), but like Kardashian, he just couldn’t keep it to himself. Back in July, he Instagrammed a very buff, very shirtless photo of himself. While he kept that to his personal page (which still exists), maybe Kevin and Joe just didn’t want to be pressured to do the same.

Reason #3: They just couldn’t handle the pressure of the government shutdown.

The brothers may have felt bad they were out touring when there was so much trouble in Washington. Plus, who can compete with the government for those trending spots when you are just three guys from New Jersey? Ronan Farrow may have said it best in a tweet on Wednesday.

Reason #4: There are more important things to do, like Instagram photos of your day.

All three brothers’ Twitter accounts are still active, as well as their Instagrams. Only a few weeks ago, Kevin Jonas posted a photo of what it’s like to be a busy and stressed-out pop star, along with the caption, “Kind of busy… “

Reason #5: They finally realized they’re not connected at the hip.

The Jonas Brothers have been the Jonas brothers since they were children. A habit like that is hard to break, but it appears maybe they finally realized they are three separate people. Despite a canceled tour, and a canceled Twitter page, the three brothers are still active on social media and seem to just be happy to do their own thing.

Why do you think The Jonas Brothers quit Twitter?

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