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VIDEO: Tiffani Thiessen on White Collar and more!

Tiffani Thiessen sat down with SheKnows to talk about White Collar Season 5, parenting, growing up in the business and projects close to her heart.

Tonight marks the premiere of White Collar Season 5, and SheKnows had the opportunity to sit down with Tiffani Thiessen this morning to talk about what changes are ahead for cute couple Elizabeth (Thiessen) and Peter (Tim DeKay), whether they might take a chance on parenthood and how Thiessen’s real life has been affected by the great challenge of raising a child.

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At the end of Season 4, things were looking pretty bleak for Elizabeth since Peter had been accused of murder and was sitting behind bars. As good as Peter looks in orange, it seems his stay was a short one. Once he’s out, changes are ahead for the couple. “Well, you’ll see pretty much right from the beginning that there have been talks about them moving,” Thiessen shared, “And you’ll definitely have that throughout the whole entire season.”

As Season 5 just wrapped, Thiessen promised another satisfying cliffhanger, preceded by continued evolution of the characters throughout. Elizabeth will come face-to-face with one of Peter’s ex-girlfriends, and dabble in the action a little bit, but her main story will be related to moving — meaning you’ll be seeing her with a lot of boxes. Thiessen couldn’t pin down her favorite scene to film, but laughed, guessing that DeKay would choose, “anything that’s in bed.” We look forward to that action!

We couldn’t stop ourselves from asking the question on everyone’s mind — what it’s like to work with hottie Matthew Bomer! Thiessen was kind enough to share her opinion on the sexy leading man of White Collar and her words couldn’t have been any kinder, “Endearing, grounded, sweetest giving and just a total gentleman. A good ole Texas boy.” Say it together now, awwwww.

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Thiessen noted that many of the fans seem to want Elizabeth and Peter to give baby-making a try, but she’s kind of partial to the twosome they have going on. As to weather Season 5 is going to be the best season yet? “Well it just gets better, so of course,” she gushed.

One of Thiessen’s personal projects includes Jumpstart Read for the Record. A project very close to her heart. Jumpstart Read for the Record is a day reminding parents to read to their preschool children as she and her husband read to their three-and-a-half year old daughter, Harper, every day, to ensure little ones get the best head start to their education and in life.

With so many celebrities pregnant right now, we couldn’t help but ask Thiessen’s advice for first time moms. “Take it in, because it doesn’t… You know, I remember my pregnancy was like slow at the beginning and then it was fast and then you know you have these, you know, beautiful babies and they turn into teenagers before your eyes,” she said. “I was just trying to live in the moment and enjoy every phase and I’m still trying to do that.”

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Even though Thiessen was a child star herself, she has a very different opinion on what path she would like Harper to take. “When she’s 18 and can make her own decisions, yes,” she replied firmly when asked what she would do if Harper wanted to get into modeling or acting. Social media and changing ideals over the decades have helped her come to that decision, but she has no regrets about her own career as it has shaped who she is today.

Thiessen, wearing purple in support of GLAAD, is also on board with the Love Is Changing History project. AT&T is giving a dollar for every retweet and Facebook-like in support of the Trevor Project, a program about anti-bullying and loving thy neighbor. Having experienced bullying herself, Thiessen wants to lead by example and hopes we will, too.

Photo credit: Andrew Eccles/USA Network

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