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The Originals sneak peek: Klaus and Cami continue to bond

Move over Marcel, Klaus and Cami have a real connection, which will continue to unfold in the upcoming episode. Maybe this time, he won’t let her forget it.

Klaus and Cami bond in The Originals

On the last episode of The Originals, Cami decided that Marcel isn’t the man she thought. Then she runs into the awaiting arms of a man who is much worse: Klaus (Joseph Morgan). If Cami thinks Marcel has a temper, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into with Klaus.

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She told Rebekah (Claire Holt) last episode that a girl always seems to know when she’s getting herself into trouble, but it doesn’t stop her from falling. Seems like Klaus has her fooled. She keeps staring longingly into his eyes until they both have that “moment,” and he makes her forget. How many times can she return to Marcel?

Hopefully, we’ll get our answer next week. In the episode, which is called Girl in New Orleans, the synopsis says to expect some alarming information about Cami’s past.

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Here’s our theory: She’s playing a game of her own. Perhaps Cami has more secrets than first assumed. We don’t, after all, know anything about her history at this point. There could be vervain coursing through her veins unbeknownst to any of the supernaturals. We hope that’s the angle or someone clues her in soon. She’s got a big role in this Klaus/Marcel war now. Making her aware of it will only make things more interesting.

Here’s the first look at next week’s episode:

Davina leaves her room in The Originals

Marcel allows Davina to leave her room, which probably isn’t the smartest idea.

Cami meets Davina in The Originals

Like the gentleman he is, instead of taking care of Davina himself, Marcel will send Cami to do it. Nothing like turning over a super-powerful teenager to the care of a helpless human.

Cami and Davina in The Originals

Luckily, Cami isn’t the type to get pushed around. Still, Davina has a way of getting what she wants.

Cami in The Originals

Not sure what this photo is all about. Cami seems very pensive, if we say so, and doesn’t that empty chair look foreboding? Maybe she’s mad at Marcel again.

Klaus and Cami talk in The Origianls

Luckily, Klaus will swoop in to cheer her up. Will Klaus allow himself to be compelled by chemistry this episode or will he compel Cami as usual?

Klaus in The Originals

Is that fondness we see in Klaus’ eyes? It could be self-satisfaction, but there seems to be more to it.

Dvina gets angry in The Orginals

Davina’s night on the town doesn’t end so well.

Davina takes on Klaus in The Originals

Uh-oh, it looks like Klaus will be the focus of Davina’s fury. What did they do to make her so upset? And is that Cami or Rebekah he’s protecting in his arms?

Davina gets angry in The Originals

Poor girl has got to learn this is not how you make friends. Perhaps while Davina is out of her room, Klaus will enact a plan to retrieve Elijah.

Davina uses her powers in The Originals

As cool as this image is, we don’t think some flying pages will stop an original vampire or two.

The next episode of The Originals airs Tuesday, Oct. 22, on The CW. Will you be watching?

Images courtesy of The CW

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