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13 Things You Don’t Know About Chloë Grace Moretz

10. She prefers gummy bears over pig’s blood

We’re all familiar by now with the pig’s blood plotline in Carrie. But if Moretz had her druthers, the reboot would have included her being showered in something much… sweeter. When asked what she’d rather have been drenched in, the star chose gummy bears. “They’re delicious,” she jokes. “That sounds way more fun than blood. Also, gummy bears aren’t that heavy. So it wouldn’t be like you’re being hit by rocks.”

Chloe Moretz Grace in Carrie
Image: Tumblr

11. Her address is in LA, but her heart is in NYC

During an interview for Teen Vogue, Moretz turns into a total tourist when she steps onto an observation deck overlooking New York’s famed Central Park. “Oh, my God, I have to Instagram this,” she squeals, telling the writer, “Los Angeles is fun and I’ve lived there for 10 years, but there’s something about New York. I’m pretty much New York in every way.”

Chloe Moretz Grace

Image: Tumblr

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12. Julianne Moore intimidates her

In Carrie, the mother of Moretz’s title character is played by veteran actor Julianne Moore — whom she has nothing but praise for. “With Julianne, she is the nicest lady, but at the same time she is the most fearsome actress you’ll ever see,” Moretz gushes. “She’s the type of actress I look up to in a mentor-type way, and she’s someone whose career I will try to emulate.”

Chloe Moretz Grace in Carrie

Image: Soliloqueue/Wordpress

13. She’s a sucker for poise

While Moretz has chosen many roles in which she is anything but ladylike, she cites some surprisingly refined choices when asked in an interview who her dream dinner dates would be. Any guesses? If you wagered film greats Drew Barrymore, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly, you are spot-on, my friend.

A version of this article was originally published in May 2016.

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