Groovy, baby! Mike Myers expecting baby No. 2

Oct 16, 2013 at 10:56 p.m. ET

There will be more Hollywood babies making their way into Tinsel Town in 2014. Mike Myers and his wife announced that they are expecting baby No. 2.


The baby boom in Hollywood continues! This time it's Mike Myers and his wife Kelly Tisdale. The couple are expecting their second child according to People.

The 50-year-old star married his wife in the fall of 2010. They are already parents to son Spike, 2, so they are excited to add to their growing family.

The couple told the entertainment magazine, "We are thrilled."

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It was surprising that the couple even announced their pregnancy news since they kept their wedding a secret for over five months. The couple met in 2006 after the Austin Powers star divorced his first wife, Robin Ruzan, in 2005 after 12 years of marriage.

Myers recently talked to Deadline about how significant fatherhood was to him.

He said, "Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life."

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In fact, having a child changed his world even more than he ever imagined.

"I knew I wanted to be a father. I didn't know it was going to be this awesome or that my kid would come out so beautiful and lovely," said the Canadian actor.

Myers most recently directed a documentary called Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon about the quirky talent manager who developed the careers of Blondie, Alice Cooper and Groucho Marx. He has also signed on for Austin Powers 4, but there has been no official production schedule announced for the shagadelic spy franchise.

In the meantime, he will be working on his growing family.

Groovy, baby!

Photo credit: WENN