Beyoncé's reportedly insane tour demands

Oct 16, 2013 at 4:56 p.m. ET

Beyoncé certainly knows how to put on a show. However, reports claim that in order to do so, the songstress has some crazy tour demands at every stop.


Always a great performer, Beyoncé doesn't disappoint when she puts on a concert. But reports claim that the singing diva has some insane demands on her tour rider.

As a mom, it's expected that Beyoncé ask for her dressing room to be baby-proofed since she has her daughter, Blue Ivy, on tour with her. However, that's far from where her requests stop. Mrs. Carter has many demands on her tour stops, which most would consider a bit on the crazy side.

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InTouch magazine has reported that Beyoncé insists her dressing room be decorated with only white furniture and that it be kept at "exactly 72 degrees." Plus, she only wants Irish Spring soap along with ultra-expensive grapefruit-scented candles.

Sources also told the magazine that the pop queen "requested a large second room with a massive vanity and stage lighting so that her hair and makeup team could make her look her best." In addition, her food has to "be served on a crisp white tablecloth."

Beyoncé has strictly prohibited anyone from taking any photos of her behind the scenes, or on set as well.

But interestingly enough, on last year's list of tour demands, Beyoncé wanted her room at 78 degrees rather than 72, and asked for rose-scented candles. She also requested "heavily seasoned" chicken legs with cayenne pepper, although it's not known whether she demanded they be served on a "crisp white tablecloth" that time around.

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Meanwhile, another tour rider copy from the would-be capricious singer's Mrs. Carter Show World Tour made the rounds last May and it claimed even crazier demands. The list included red toilet paper, new toilet seats and hand-carved ice balls so Beyoncé could cool off her throat after every song.

Also on the list were requests that all crew members wear 100 percent cotton clothes at all times. But the looniest demand on that list was the alkaline water chilled to 21 degrees and served up with $900 titanium straws.

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