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About Time: Perfect for the hopeless romantic

What if you could go back in time and relive and change past moments of your life, trying to make the simple and small things better? That’s the power that 21-year-old Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) discovers he possesses — thanks to a genetic trait passed down by the men on his father’s (Bill Nighy’s) side of the family.

About Time

5 Stars: Perfect for the hopeless romantic

This romantic comedy created by Oscar-nominated screenwriter and director Richard Curtis focuses on Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), a practicing lawyer on a journey to find true love. After discovering his ability to relive and change past moments of his life, Tim decides to start his career by leaving the family nest in Cornwall and moving to London, where he moves in with a family friend, embittered playwright Harry (Tom Hollander).

While in London, Tim quickly embraces his power by using it to help him nullify embarrassing moments and court girls. Yet the one thing he desires most — love — is something his special power just can’t help him find. That is until one night out with his friend Jay (Will Merrick), when Tim meets the woman of his dreams, Mary (Rachel McAdams). After a few bumps in the road and a couple of trips into his past, Tim finally gets it right, winning Mary over for good.

About Time, which opens in limited cities Nov. 1 and nationwide Nov. 8, combines romance and fantasy to tell a story about love and relationships, and it contains some very funny lines and scenes. And while Tim (Gleeson) might not be your typical good-looking leading man, the audience won’t be able to help loving his polite, self-deprecating and honest personality. Meanwhile, Mary (McAdams) lights up the screen with her nerdy but charming qualities.

Director Richard Curtis does an amazing job of using Tim’s character to tell a bigger story of love, life and living in the moment. Instead of wishing we can turn back time, we learn the importance of appreciating the little things in life — such as playing table tennis, helping out a friend and not letting a little rain ruin your day.

Bottom line: This film is a feel-good romantic charmer that adds a touch of real-life humor and emotion and that will have the audience laughing and in tears.

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Bottom line

This feel-good romantic charmer delivers a powerful message about living and loving life by making the most of the time you spend in every relationship you have. Director Richard Curtis does well at combining romance and fantasy to create some good laughs, making this film a perfect date night flick.

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