Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. review: It’s all in the eyes, baby

In this episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., called “Eye-Spy,” Coulson and the team track down a woman who has abilities that defy even their own beliefs. When it turns out to be a former trainee of Coulson’s, will he be able to treat the case like any other?

Agents of SHIELD - Eye Spy

In this episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., a few more pieces of information were learned about Agent Coulson. Not much though. If Coulson was a sandwich, what was learned in this episode would constitute a few crumbs. When the woman appeared on screen at the robbery, I assumed that she was just another person with special abilities, but her story went far beyond that point. It turned out that she was once under Coulson’s tutelage and he thought that she died on a mission long ago.

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It was interesting to see how personally Coulson took this case. When everyone on his team believed that Akela was simply a well-skilled thief, he kept on believing that there was more to her than that. In the end, he was right, but it took a while before any of the others believed him and I liked the fact that he kept to his guns. It was his strong belief in Akela, as well as her remarks that he had changed, that gave out those crumbs about his past. What was he like before and how many more people has he trained?

SheKnows CheatSheat

  • A woman steals diamonds, with her eyes closed.
  • Coulson discovers the woman was someone he once trained and thought had died on a mission.
  • The team wants to take the woman out, but Coulson believes there is more to her story and soon they realize that she is being watched and controlled by a robotic eye.
  • They capture the woman and send Ward in her place on a mission while Fitz and Simmons work to disarm the bomb in her eye.
  • They manage to disarm the bomb and save the woman just in the nick of time.

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There was a lot of good team interaction in this episode as well. Though she had a hard time believing that Akela was worth saving, I thought it was great how May went to find her so that she could get the full story. Sending in Ward with the glasses, while Fitz-Simmons (yes, I’ve decided to only refer to them as one name since they basically act like two halves of the same person) pulled the robotic eye from Akela was brilliant — as was the banter between Ward and Skye while he was on his mission.

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After just a few episodes it seems that a couple of interesting partnerships have grown within the team. First there is obviously Fitz-Simmons and their often hilarious conversations, then there is Ward and Skye and their trainer/trainee relationship, and finally there is the most unique partnership of them all: Coulson and May. She has made it clear that she trusts him and will always have his back, while he continues to try and break through that cold exterior of hers. Each partnership is valuable to both the team and the show, but I’m starting to think that I will end up finding Coulson and May’s friendship more intriguing than the rest.

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My favorite bits:

Ward glaring at Simmons when she suggested he might miss with the special gun.

“Has she stopped saying ‘bang’ when she pulls the trigger?”

“I live outside the box.”

Skye pointing out that the woman closing her eyes was either random or totally important. I’m going with important.

Coulson pointing out that, with the help of social media, people were surveilling themselves. It’s kind of scary how true that is.

Coulson telling May that, since she was flying the bus, there was only one other woman in the world who could do what Akela did.

The golf ball dissolving into diamonds. That was pretty cool.

Giggling at the fact that they called the van “short bus.”

Ward in a suit. That is all.

“You broke protocol because you have to pee?”

Skye asking if Ward had ever learned the part where boy parts and girl parts were different and pointing out that peeing in a bottle would not be easy for her.

Ward hanging up the phone when Fitz asked if there were any snacks. That whole conversation was hysterical.

Skye and Fitz-Simmons realizing that they were seeing their van on the TV.

Needle in the eye. Ouch.

Everyone realizing that Akela’s eye was the camera.

“You’re a robot. Can you do that?”

“If she wanted us dead, we’d be dead.”

May pointing out that Coulson was protecting Akela at the risk of the team.

“With all due respect, she’s not a member of the team.”

Coulson realizing that Akela wasn’t being watched, she was being controlled.

Skye telling Coulson that he was the first person to believe in her in a long time and if he believed in Akela, they should trust him.

May showing up in Akela’s room.

“Either I kill you or they kill me.”

The Akela vs. May fight. Whoa.

The team hacking Akela’s stream and fooling her handlers into thinking she was on her mission.

Coulson telling Akela that she was OK and asking her to look at him.

“Where is the ‘I told you so’?”
“That’s not me anymore, I’m just glad you’re alive.”

Finding out that Ward was super-ticklish. That was priceless.

Akela admitting that sometimes she missed the time in her cage so she could sleep in peace.

“I know you’re tired, but I need your help.”

Coulson getting Akela to remember anything she could about her handler.

Skye reminding Ward that he had “man hands” and to not look when he scanned the card.

The music they played while Ward was infiltrating the compound.

Thinking that Ward looked an awful lot like Clark Kent with his glasses and suit.

Fitz-Simmons performing field surgery on Akela.

Akela shoving the needle into her own eye. Yikes.

Ward’s quiet, little “help.”

Ward pointing out that he didn’t think he was the guard’s type.

“You need to be friendly Agent Ward, can you be friendly?”

Ward quickly changing tactics from friendly to fighting. It seemed to work for him.

Fitz swallowing his nausea and finally getting to work on the kill switch.

Ward fighting off bad guys while simultaneously helping Fitz disarm the synthetic eye.

Coulson discovering that Akela’s handler was as trapped as she was.

Skye calling Coulson “A.C.”

What did you think of this episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? What were your favorite or least favorite parts of the episode?

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