Behind-the-scenes Modern Family clips you must watch

Oct 15, 2013 at 7:50 p.m. ET

Ever wonder how Modern Family came to be? These behind-the-scenes clips put it all together, as well as share reminders of what's so awesome about the show.

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We love Modern Family! Then again, who doesn't? That's why we're excited to share these amazing new behind-the-scenes videos with you.

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In the first, the show's creators Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan talk about what makes the show tick and why viewers continue to come back. The answer is easy: The family and their chemistry. The show's casting directors really nailed it when it came to finding each half of the couples that would come together to make a perfect pair. Add in the mix of incredibly talented kid actors (a rare find) and we have a rare gem of on-screen chemistry between every single member on-set. They really mesh well as a family, which has been on display since day one. Just take a look at what the guys have to say and watch some of these classic and hilarious clips from Modern Family.


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Lloyd and Levitan knew they'd found a gem from the moment they shot the first screen test. Think making television is nothing but glitzy premieres and massive warehouses full of intricate sets? Wait until you watch this second behind-the-scenes clip to find out where they shot their first screen test with Sarah Hyland (who looked smashing at the Emmys) and man-candy Ty Burrell.


From the sound of it, there hasn't been a single person to watch Modern Family and not been immediately taken away by the talent, humor and realness. And, yes, some of those moments might be realer than you think. Would you shoot your kid with a BB gun? (Our answer: Only if he deserved it!) Levitan has... and that may have just been what turned MoFy from a script into an actual television show.

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If all these great moments have you longing to relive the beginnings of Modern Family, don't worry! USA has your back. Modern Family's first four seasons are now airing five nights a week on USA. For even more behind-the-scenes clips and extras, visit USA's promo site, Enjoy the laughs, MoFys!

Image courtesy of ABC