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The Originals review: It’s a Big Easy kind of party

The Originals is finally getting to the heart of New Orleans. We’re talking about parties, of course. Except, they’re throwing blood instead of beads.

Cami and Marcel in The Originals

Let the twists and turns commence.

And we’re not just talking about the dancing in tonight’s masquerade-themed episode of The Originals. Klaus (Joseph Morgan) also puts his plan to take back control of New Orleans from Marcel into action. We have to say, the original bad boy is actually quite clever.

The war is on

SheKnows Cheat Sheat

  • Sophie knows about Davina and just might be the key to stopping Marcel.
  • Klaus begins to execute his plan from compelling Marcel’s vampires to gaining Marcel’s trust.
  • Marcel wants to give Elijah back to Klaus, but Davina stops him.
  • Hayley and Klaus are having a baby girl!

Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

  • Bleed out all the vervain from Marcel’s right-hand vamps and then compel them to do Klaus’ bidding.
  • Make Marcel think the witches are behind all the vampire killings and gain Marcel’s trust. Poor Marcel really wants to believe the man who raised him is a good guy. Can we blame him?
  • Get Elijah back. This part doesn’t go so well this episode. Sure, Marcel was ready to hand over the dead guy in a box, but Davina wasn’t having it. She’s still on her mission to figure out how to kill an original. It’s clear Marcel is tied to this little witch somehow. She draws frantic black squiggles whenever he is pain. But what does it mean? Honestly, we just want her to go away, and we just started the season.
  • Keep Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) locked away until she pops out the kid. This girl has to be bored out of her mind! Maybe Rebekah (Claire Holt) will help her enjoy the town a little. We did like the beginning of the bond they formed last episode.

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The Great Gatsby wannabe

The masquerade ball is the teenybopper version of The Great Gatsby. The show doesn’t even try to hide it. From the Lana Del Rey ballad to the rich guy hosting a party and feathered dresses, this episode is trying to bank on the stylized beauty Baz Luhrmann brought to the screen.

It’s no Gatsby, but the show doesn’t have to be. In a moment where The Originals is breaking away from The Vampire Diaries, the show should be trying to establish a unique identity, not copying something that’s already been done. Good thing the show doesn’t spend too much time dwelling on the overused masquerade theme.

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It’s a girl!

The witch didn’t need magic to tell Hayley whether her baby was a boy or a girl, just a little bit of tradition. Still, when the witch offers to help Hayley, the witch ends up spouting some weird stuff in a different language. Since Hayley’s got some spare time on her hands, she’s trying to translate the phrase to English going through one language at a time.

What’s going on with that baby?

As she puts it, at least Hayley knows now she isn’t going to have a mini-Klaus on her hands.

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Other moments to note

  • Best line of the night: “Sorry, I’m not, like, medieval torture expert guy.” Said by Joshua, the vampire Klaus has been compelling unknown to Marcel. He makes this comment as Klaus is attempting to drain the vervain from another vampire.
  • Klaus kills a witch named Katie in his attempt to cause trouble and then gain Marcel’s trust. It works. Marcel gives Klaus this look like, “You really do love me!” Poor Marcel.
  • Sophie knows more about Davina than expected. She might just be the key to getting Elijah back. It’s nice to finally see that she’ll be fitting into this storyline more than just as the witches’ figurehead.
  • Klaus may actually have a thing for Cami. The two have an intense-look moment before he compels her. Girl can’t be that easily manipulated. It isn’t fun if she never gets in on the game. Maybe she’s faking? I really hope she’s faking. That would mix things up.
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