The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere: 5 Burning questions

Oct 14, 2013 at 5:06 a.m. ET

Where is the Governor? What did Patrick die of? Check out the most burning questions from The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere.

The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere - 5 Burning questions

Now that the dust has settled on the Season 4 premiere of The Walking Dead, there are many questions that need to be answered. Here are five that feel like the most important.

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What did Patrick die of?

This one is by far the most important as his death will have a massive impact on the survivors in the prison. First of all, as of right now he is a walker and therefore an immediate threat to everyone. No one expects a walker that far inside the safety of their home so no one will be ready for his attack. There's no telling how many he can kill before he is stopped, especially given that nearly everyone was asleep when he turned.

A second question could also be: What did the pig die of and is it the same thing? If so, then the survivors could be looking at an airborne virus that can kill them all, as well as the livestock that they just started to cultivate. That means no more meals and who knows how long they will be able to find food out in the walker-infested world.

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Is Carol's "story time" wrong?

Carol made everyone in the prison believe that she was reading nice bedtime stories to all the children. It was a way to give them a taste of the simpler life that existed before the zombie apocalypse. But in fact she was using the time to teach the kids skills that they might need to save their own lives, as well as the lives of others. This question almost seems like a moral one: Is it OK to teach children that young something that is arguably vital, but will take away their innocence? Is it better that the youngsters learn early that life isn't all lollipops and naming walkers on the fence line and risk them turning into cold-blooded killers like Carl, or should they be protected as long as possible from the atrocities of the world where they live? The answer to that one isn't simple at all.

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Where is the Governor?

The group in the prison was living an almost idyllic life (as close as they will get, anyway) for a while, yet there was no sign that the Governor had attempted to come back and seek revenge. That he would decide to forgive and forget what happened last season isn't even a remote possibility, so where is he? Perhaps he is gathering more survivors into another army, biding his time until he is strong enough to come back and attack once again. His sanity wasn't exactly intact the last time he was seen, so it's possible that he could be simply roaming the country with his last two followers. No matter where he is at the moment, he will be back. It's just a matter of time.

How many people will die this season?

The short answer is, of course: a lot. There are always a lot of deaths on The Walking Dead, but now that the prison group has grown, the answer to that question becomes more complicated. Will all of the new people die either by walkers or by the as-yet-unknown virus, leaving Rick and his original group as the only ones alive? Rick said that they need numbers to survive, so it's not just about being sad that people are gone, it's also about losing the necessary help it takes to keep the prison camp running the way it is now. If they lose enough people, would Rick and his group have to go on the run again so that they can find food?

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Can Carol and Daryl get together already?

Seriously, what is the hold up here? There is no doubt that Daryl and Carol are made for each other. They each seem to seek the other out to talk about things, but it looks like more than just a friendship. Heck, in this episode Carol actually called Daryl "Pookie." If that's not a sign of affection, then nothing is. Considering all that they've been through, it's probable that they are both worried about getting involved with anyone and getting their heart broken if that person dies. But they just need to get over it. Look at Maggie and Glenn — they're even talking about maybe having a baby. So come on Daryl and Carol, just do the deed and get it over with!

Did you have any burning questions after watching The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere?

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