Kelly Clarkson: All I want for Christmas is a baby

She’s not even married yet, but she wants a baby for Christmas. Will Kelly Clarkson get her wish?

Kelly ClarksonKelly Clarkson isn’t wasting any time. After her wedding this fall to music manager Brandon Blackstock, she’s going to immediately start working on having a baby.

In a recent interview with Access Hollywood, she dropped the big news.

“We’re getting married soon — like really soon — and I already told him that when we’re past the wedding, I want a baby. I was like, ‘That’s my Christmas present that you can give me,'” said the 31-year-old singer.

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The Season 1 American Idol winner has been gushing about her fiancé ever since they began dating in early 2012. She’s also had time to warm up to the mommy idea, since Blackstock has two kids from a previous marriage.

Clarkson shared, “I love doing homework with them. I love just the whole thing. It can get overwhelming for every parent, especially with your schedules when you’re working and stuff. But, at the end of the day, it’s so much fun just to come home.”

Having to take care of his kids has also changed her perspective on life and how she values family.

“I’ve never worried about other people. I’ve always been really selfish. It’s like, you worry about other people now. It’s the whole thing,” said the “Stronger” singer.

Just talking about his kids and the possibility of having her own kids moved her quite a bit during the interview.

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She exclaimed, “I’m totally about the cry in this interview — God! Shoot!”

The Grammy winner also confirmed that she’s eloping and that the big wedding she planned is definitely off the table. It’s just going to be his kids, a videographer and a photographer. Fans will get to see some photos after the event, but the couple are keeping the rest of the day private.

As for the baby, Clarkson is already asking for advice from her fellow musician friends and mommies.

She said, “I ask girls [how they balance motherhood and career] all that [sic] time, like Hillary Scott, the girl in Lady Antebellum, one of my friends, she was preggers, and I was asking her everything. I was like, ‘So, can you work while you’re pregnant?'”

The other project on Clarkson’s list is a professional one. She has a new Christmas album called Wrapped in Red hitting stores on Oct. 29.

Photo credit: WENN