The Vampire Diaries casts Michael Malarkey in major role

The CW has cast Michael Malarkey in a major role on The Vampire Diaries. He’ll appear in the series as a tortured figure (we’re guessing a vampire) from Damon’s past.

The Vampire Diaries Season 5 cast

Expect to see a new face during the Dec. 5 episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Deadline is reporting that Michael Malarkey has joined the Season 5 cast as a mysterious figure named Enzo. He will be a tortured character from Damon’s past. We’re going to go ahead and make a leap here and assume that means he’s a fellow vampire.

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Enzo will show up in Mystic Falls looking to reconnect with his old pal Damon (Ian Somerhalder). This probably doesn’t mean he’s going to be Damon’s long-lost buddy. The character’s description is most likely code for one of the following:

  • Enzo will be another force of destruction that descends on Mystic Falls.
  • Enzo knows something about Silas (Paul Wesley) that will help our heroes defeat him.
  • Enzo is involved with the Gypsies/Travelers who were revealed last episode. Maybe he knows what secrets Cara is hiding?
  • Enzo is looking for a good time and shows up, threatening the relationship between Elena and Damon by getting Damon into trouble.

Because the role is being described as “major,” expect Enzo to stick around town for a while, but there’s no word yet on how long the actor will be involved with the series.

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Though Malarkey is relatively unknown, he does have a few credits to his name. These include the failed CW pilot The Selection, which was based on the young-adult books of the same name by Kiera Cass. Malarkey was cast as Prince Maxon during the second shooting attempt. The network didn’t pick up either the first or second pilot as a series, and The CW said a third pilot attempt was “unlikely,” according to TVLine.

Though The Selection didn’t make a big impact on The CW, Malarkey must have made an impression, as he will be playing a big role on the same network’s The Vampire Diaries.

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