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INTERVIEW: Bella Thorne doesn’t let her dyslexia hold her back

Bella Thorne has been acting for a decade, but now she is focused on becoming an inspiration for others. Despite the adversity she has faced, she is making an impression in Hollywood and will be coming out with a new book.

Bella Thorne is the voice of the Disney generation. Like many stars who grew up on the network, Thorne is a triple threat. She sings, she acts and now she is coming out with her first book, all by the age of 16.

But the actress has gotten to where she is despite many hurdles. She sat down with SheKnows to talk about her life, her career and becoming an inspiration for teens everywhere.

Thorne, who recently wrapped up filming The Familymoon with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore, has played Cece on Disney’s Shake It Up for the past three years. Her character is a dancer who thrives despite dyslexia, and the story line is not too far from the teen’s own life. Thorne revealed she also has dyslexia, but doesn’t let it stop her. She will be releasing her first book soon, and she hopes to inspire others who have disabilities.

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“It was the fact that, because I’m dyslexic, I didn’t know a better way to show kids that if I’m dyslexic and I can write a three-book deal then you can do, I don’t care what disability you can, or what you think you can’t do,” she said. “But if I can do it, then you can do it.”

The book is called Autumn Falls, and Thorne explained it is a coming of age story that is based on aspects of her own life.

The actress recently celebrated her sweet 16, and did it in style (as she always does).

Like other actresses whose careers were launched with the help of Disney (Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, to name a few) Thorne eventually decided to leap into the world of music. But it’s not something she ever thought she would do.

“I was never a singer before I started the show. Ever. Ever. I kind of just fell upon it with Disney,” she explained. “And the studio is not my favorite thing to do actually. I love performing in front of my fans. I love dancing, and I only started dancing because of the show, too. What I love to do is to talk to my fans and be able to express myself. And one of the ways to express myself is through music.”

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Despite her mixed feelings about recording, Thorne will be releasing her first album soon. But, even though she said R&B is her favorite genre of music, expect the unexpected with her new album.

“The music is going to be, it’s going to be different just because I want there to be a song for everybody,” she said. “If you like Coachella music I want there to be a song for you. If you like R&B music, I want there to be a song for you. If you like pop country, I want there to be a song for you. I really want my album to be just kind of every genre so that everybody has something they like of it.”

At the age of 16, Thorne has already taken over the world of TV, but has her sights set on movies, music and literature next. She hopes her success will motivate others who have struggled with adversity in their lives. She is currently filming Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day, based on the children’s book, with Steve Carell and Jennifer Garner.

Expect 2014 to be the year of Bella Thorne. The actress has four films, a book and an album out next year.

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