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VIDEO: Girls‘ Allison Williams on Marnie’s heartbreak and more

SheKnows chatted with Allison Williams and got the scoop on singing, fans on the subway and what Marnie’s life is like post-Charlie.

Fresh from wrapping filming on Girls Season 3, Allison Williams (who plays Marnie) talked with SheKnows and we got the goods on Marnie, Allison’s next possible career goal and what it’s like to ride the subway now that she’s famous.

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When Girls Season 2 ended, we saw Marnie happy and back together with her on-again-off-again boyfriend, Charlie (Christopher Abbott). Things were finally supposed to be good for Marnie after being let go from her job at the gallery and having that strange sexual encounter with Booth Jonathan. Sadly, we found out earlier this year that Abbott quit the show. That had to have thrown a wrench into plans for the series, especially story lines involving Marnie. So where will Marnie be and what will she be up to when Season 3 begins?

“The beginning of the season is her sort of heartbreak and figuring out what happened,” Williams told us. “And just dealing with the repercussions of ending a relationship and it’s messy, it’s not pretty.”

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In previous seasons, we’ve explored more of Hannah and Jessa’s backstories and we were hoping we’d get more of that from Marnie this season. While Williams did say we’d see Marnie’s mother (Rita Wilson) again, that’s probably as far as we’ll get into her past. Her future also remains foggy, as HBO wants to keep all plot twists under lock and key.

We were most curious about the chances of seeing Marnie/Williams sing again. After Marnie serenaded Charlie, the internet blew up with videos from Williams’ singing past. We found out Williams is definitely interested in exploring her passion for singing and perhaps doing something with it. It’s all just a matter of timing.

“Me, I’m sure you’ll hear sing again.” Williams said. “It’s a matter of finding time and figuring out what kind of thing I want to do — covers or original stuff. But I definitely would love to do some more singing in my future.”

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Williams is a New York girl through-and-through and while talking about her favorite beauty products by Simple, lamented how gross a girl can feel after emerging from the subway. That made our ears perk up, of course! Girls is an insanely popular show. Williams isn’t riding the subway, is she? Of course she is! And she’s had some pretty interesting fan interactions in the process.

“The weirdest thing that could ever happen on the subway is someone takes some very obvious cell phone pictures,” Williams said. “There was one time a guy took a cell phone picture and then left it up on the back of his phone and then turned around so I was nose-to-nose with a picture of myself.”

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Yikes! Guys, you’ve got to learn to be more discreet when stalking your favorite celebs. To hear more from our favorite girl on Girls about her character, the subway and her strictly natural beauty regimen, watch the video above.

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