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The Jonas Brothers might be breaking up

Say it isn’t so! The Jonas Brothers are mulling a possible breakup since they want to pursue their own interests in the entertainment industry.

An entire generation of girls may be crying soon if this rumor turns out to be true. TMZ is reporting that the Jonas Brothers are very close to breaking up due to the stereotypical “artistic differences” excuse.

The three brothers, Kevin, Joe and Nick, are finding that their musical tastes are very different now that they are all young men in the music business. A source told the gossip site that the group feels like they’ve lost their identity.

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Things are so serious that their entire tour consisting of 19 stops was canceled. The family members were set to begin the tour on Friday.

The insider hasn’t confirmed the split, but says that the brothers could reconcile if they can find common ground. Reportedly, they are arguing over the latest music they created together. They each have a different sound and the former Disney stars each have a specific direction they want to move into in the music scene.

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While one brother wants to stick with the pop sound, another wants to head into more edgy fare with hard rock. They don’t want to release any music unless they all agree on what the Jonas Brothers should be as a music group.

The band will be meeting this weekend to try and figure everything out, but the source revealed, “It could go either way.”

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The group has gone on hiatus in the past with Kevin focusing on his wife Danielle, who is currently expecting their first child, and Nick returning to his roots on Broadway in 2012.

While nothing is for certain right now, the boy band was certain one of the defining groups of their generation.

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