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Kris and Bruce Jenner before the split: 10 troubling moments

It’s official, folks: Kris and Bruce Jenner have called it quits after 22 years of marriage. But judging by these 10 tense moments between the Keeping Up with the Kardashians stars, we’re surprised they survived the last few years.

Kris confesses to Bruce
Kris waking Bruce in the middle of the night to tell him she’d met up with her ex-lover is some shady stuff, but the Bruiser could have dialed it down a notch around Kylie. Although it must have been infuriating for Kris to reveal she “may have been fantasizing about someone for the last 23 years that maybe didn’t deserve that kind of recognition” and then be shocked Bruce wasn’t grateful she told him.

Bruce intent on including Brody
Was Brody Jenner the harbinger of doom for Kris and Bruce? His reintroduction did coincide with some of the couple’s biggest rifts. In this clip, we’d like to (A) call bulls*** on Kris’ excuse that she didn’t invite Brody because he always flakes and (B) know where she bought that lacy bra. It really is a great color.

Garage wars
When you live in a palatial compound in the Calabasas hills and all your husband asks for is one small room to play with his toy helicopters, you’ve pretty much got the man’s balls in a vice grip. Kendall conspires with her dad here to help him reclaim the garage from “the snake,” as he calls Kris, who is livid at the “son-of-a-b****” (cute pet names, no?). Note how Kris refers to the mansion as “my house.”

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Kris reveals they made a sex tape
Obvious ick factor of a potential sex tape aside, Kris’ revelation is doubly awkward because it comes seconds after Bruce chides Khloé for talking about a sexy photo shoot. When it comes to parenting — and this is merely one of many examples — Kris and Bruce are rarely on the same page.

Kris’ younger man
We’re not sure what Kris ordered for dinner on this blind date from hell, but it came with an extra-large side of sexual innuendo. Ladies, would your husband feel comfortable with you meeting up with a human muscle named Storm to “stretch and stretch and stretch” four or five days a week? We think no.

Show me the money
When it comes to henpecked husbands, Bruce rules the roost — which is, apparently, the only roost he’d ever rule while married to Kris. We’ve always been a bit confused by the way Kris withholds money from Bruce, since she likely spends more in a month on clothes than he spends all year on his choppers.

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Kris’ name game
Let it be said: There’s nothing wrong with not taking your husband’s name. However, taking your husband’s name and then trying to give it back when your kids’ last name becomes more famous? That’s a no-go. Kris didn’t do herself any favors in the gold digger reputation department with this one.

Call us crazy, but we operate under the premise that drugging anyone to get them to shag you is bad news. Not only does Kris slip Bruce a Viagra, but she uses his morning coffee as an accomplice — that’s a double upper, which seems excessive considering she slapped him with a 20-minute time frame.

Kris’ territory
Oh, Bruce… this clip makes us feel more sorry for you than ever. Sitting alone in Kris’ office watching a clip of a toy helicopter crash? We bet you also troll I Can Has Cheezburger and giggle at the LOL cats. Regardless, that bathroom is the size of a small apartment — there’s room for both Bruce’s YouTube habit and Kris’ ego in there.

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Swept away
It takes major talent to turn a spontaneous trip to Bora Bora into a bad idea. Between Kris’ negativity and fear of a tsunami and Bruce’s irritation, they basically chase Kendall and Kylie out of the room with their squabbling. P.S., guys: Calling each other stupid in front of your teenagers? That’s, um, stupid.

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