Kris & Bruce Jenner: Are these celeb couples onto something?

Oct 9, 2013 at 11:07 a.m. ET

So Kris and Bruce Jenner are living in two separate houses. How scandalous! Or is it? If you've been married for more than 10 years, you know that staying connected to the person you love without having to live with them 24-7 sounds like a mystical fairy tale. Maybe these celebrities are just crazy smart.

Bruce and Kris Jenner

Kris and Bruce Jenner

The fact that Kris and Bruce Jenner are living separately isn't a secret. We sort of caught on when Kris rented her two youngest daughters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner, a beach house that "their daddy would stay at with them" last season in Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Deep down, married women everywhere secretly wish they had enough money to rent their kids and husband a separate house. Are you kidding? You still get to have a life with and have sex with your husband, but you don't have to spend every waking moment with him? Imagine a scenario where the family you adore more than life itself is on your last nerve and you have a separate house to farm them off to? Mock if you will, but the Jenners say they are happily living apart and we believe them. They may have stumbled on to the key to staying happily married.

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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Rumors swirled last year that the king and queen of rock and roll were ending their 30-year reign. As Sharon Osbourne reveals in her book, Unbreakable, Ozzy had started to abuse drugs again behind her back. During that time, it was reported that Sharon moved into the Beverly Hills Hotel while Ozzy stayed at a rented property instead of the family mansion. This family has property in the U.K. and LA, so it would seem even this "unbreakable" dynasty doesn't just need to live in separate houses from time to time, they need to put a continent between them. Ozzy is clean again, and who is to say that taking a marital time-out occasionally, without divorcing, isn't the way to go?

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Clint and Dina Eastwood

Clint and Dina Eastwood

In September, Dina Eastwood filed for legal separation from Clint Eastwood. The couple have been married for 17 years, and while this may not be one of those "happier in separate houses" or "having a much needed time-out" situations, it wouldn't surprise us if these two got back together. A legal separation isn't something someone typically goes to the trouble of when they have divorce on the brain. Often, a legal separation means someone wants a parenting plan for custody in addition to some sweet mula. Maybe this marriage just needs a little breather.

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Catherine Zeta-Jones Michael Douglas

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

This nearly 13-year union has had its share of adversity with Catherine Zeta-Jones seeking help for mental illness and Michael Douglas struggling with throat cancer and an adult son in jail. While these drama-filled relationships can take a toll on both participants, they can also bond a couple in a lasting way. At the Emmys, Douglas told People, "We're working things out and we'll see how it goes." Perhaps these two will go the way of the Jenners — they might get back together but have separate houses to chill out in when they need to.

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