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EXCLUSIVE: Meet the 22 hot bachelors on CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama

Will Southern belle Kelsey choose a boy from the city or the country? We have a first look at her options.

Sweet Home Alabama 4 cast

It’s time for Season 4 of CMT’s Sweet Home Alabama and SheKnows has the first look at the guys vying for sweet Kelsey’s heart. Whether they’re born and raised city boys or bred down on the farm, they’re each hoping to win a chance with this Southern belle.

The city boys


Alex Stein

Alex Stein

A resident of Los Angeles, the mysterious 26-year-old Alex is a salesman and it shows in his every approach. He’s enthusiastic, persuasive and isn’t easily deterred. He admits he’ll keep working to be understood, no matter how long it takes to get his point across. This slick city boy plans to live and die in the city. He’s convinced you can’t flourish and succeed anywhere else. Will Kelsey be willing to give up the South for LA?


Anthony Marks


Another Los Angeles native, Anthony is boastful about his liberal alignment. The environmental activist and political organizer claims he’s President Obama’s biggest supporter. How will that play off with a Southern girl like Kelsey? He’s hoping any opposing viewpoints will serve as a turn-on for Kelsey because he’s tired of searching for the perfect girl in LA and is hankering to spend a little time getting to know her Southern twang.


Chris Bachman


If Kelsey likes the artsy types, Chris is her guy. After his parents lost everything in the Enron scandal, Chris knew he could no longer depend on them to pay his bills and had to quickly learn how to work to pay for school himself. It paid off, though. The 29-year-old is now a photographer/designer living in New York City. He’s convinced he could never leave the Big Apple. Will a romantic tune pull Kelsey to Manhattan? He’s written one for every girl he’s dated.


Danny Martinez


Danny is a character. Not only does he describe himself as “handsome” and “charming,” he also exists on about 12 hours of sleep a week. What’s the confident 25-year-old Jersey boy doing with the rest of his hours? Partying, of course. He may have some wild ways, but this student still knows a thing or two about chivalry and romance. He believes it’s still the man’s job to protect and provide for his woman. Will Kelsey agree?


Eddie “Dash” Williams


How did this 24-year-old end up with a nickname like Dash? It wasn’t his speed that earned him the nickname. Dash was involved in a car accident so serious that he left an imprint of his body on his friend’s dashboard. Ouch! Dash is like a real-life Matt Saracen (from Friday Night Lights). He went from a football playin’ Texan to a musician living in NYC. But where will he want to spend his forever?

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Emilio Vitolo


For many of these city boys, Kelsey’s Southern charms may seem pretty foreign. How will Emilio and his Italian family seem to Kelsey, though? The 25-year-old’s family owns a restaurant in New York City’s famous neighborhood Little Italy. According to Emilio, his father thinks he should head to Italy to find a wife. Will Kelsey’s Southern values be close enough to an Italian family’s values to help earn his father’s approval? We’ll see!


Kyle Hendershot


Kyle may take the cake when it comes to the brains of the bachelors. The 21-year-old Columbus, Ohio resident is currently studying to be a brain surgeon! He also seems like the only guy who isn’t intent on pulling Kelsey from the South. As a matter of fact, he says one of his biggest priorities is to provide enough financial freedom for his wife to feel like she can do whatever she wants, without worrying about money.


Nathan Kabanuck


Nathan says he wants a girl with good Southern morals and spirit to help him “realize his ultimate goal of settling down.” Does that mean he’s not quite sure that’s what he wants? The 31-year-old litigation attorney has big career aspirations, including opening his own practice in his hometown of Sacramento, California. Our concern: What if finding his Southern girl makes him realize his dream isn’t to settle down yet after all?


Todd Smith


A lot of these men hope to be the providers of the family, but Todd is already doing that. The 22-year-old California boy is a bartender… providing tons of refreshments to California girls on a regular basis. But will bartending, surfing and competitive jiu-jitsu be enough to put a roof over his Southern girl’s head? He says he wants a girl who will enjoy outdoor activities, but living in a tent might not be Kelsey’s idea of “the life.”


Travis Leonard


Travis is a 27-year-old nurse and musician from California. His parents have been together for 35 years. Now Travis is hoping to find someone who is willing to communicate and shares in his ambitions so that he stands a chance making his relationship last even longer. He also travels a lot in support of his music, so finding a girl willing to hop in the car and set off with him would be perfect. Is Kelsey adventurous enough?


Tyler La Brie


Tyler is sure to stand out among the bachelors and in real life. The sales representative is known for his impeccable style, which is often accentuated by flashy suits. The 25-year-old Californian has done the dating scene and now he’s ready for find a nice Southern girl to pull into his fast-paced life. He’s willing to fight for her, too, vowing to take down any country boys who stand between him and Kelsey. Is he just big talk?

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