Variety honors the power of women in Hollywood

Variety held its annual Power of Women luncheon on Friday, and the honorees brought laughter, tears and explanations of what has made them the powerful women they are today.

Charlize Theron

Variety honored the powerful women in Hollywood at an annual event on Friday, and some A-list names offered insights into what has made them the women they are today. Charlize Theron, Kerry Washington, Amy Poehler, Nicole Kidman, Aisha Tyler, Elizabeth Banks and others were among the honorees.

“It’s impossible for me to accept this award because there’s someone here so much more powerful than me,” Charlize Theron said while onstage, according to Variety. “I hope you’re OK with me giving this award to my mom. That b***h was building roads in Africa when no woman was doing that. I thank you, Mom, for teaching me by your actions how to be a strong woman.”

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Originally from South Africa, Theron is an advocate for HIV/AIDS research and awareness. Her mom, Gerda, was sitting in the audience.

Nicole Kidman also spoke of her mother’s influence.

“I was raised by a feminist mother. And yes, she said never be frightened about using the ‘F’ word. So I’m not,” Kidman explained. “She believes in the sisterhood, and so do I. And she planted the seed in me early to speak out against the fact that women are so often treated differently than men.”

The actress also took a moment to talk about the cause she is most passionate about: women’s rights.

“No matter how long I devote my time to this, I still cannot comprehend that one in three girls in their lifetime will be beaten, abused or raped. It’s just an unbelievable statistic,” she said.

The women aren’t the first ones to support a cause in Hollywood, but they are extraordinarily important voices for those groups they lend their time and support to.

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Amy Poehler was honored with the Lifetime Impact Award, and she used the moment to discuss her group Worldwide Orphans. She asked the audience to close their eyes and imagine being warm and safe as a child.

“Open your eyes and realize that there are so many children in the world who have nothing,” Poehler continued, as she teared up. “They have nothing. They have no one who lights up when they walk in a room and no clothes, or safety, or food. And so who are we to be in this room and be somebody living this life without helping them?”

Kerry Washington tweeted from the event.

The luncheon was a who’s who of powerful women in Hollywood, and each and every one of them has a cause she passionately supports. Congrats to all the ladies!

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