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Low Winter Sun: Will Sunday’s finale provide closure?

AMC’s other Sunday show comes to an end this week with a two-hour finale. Will anyone be around to tune in without Breaking Bad warming up the viewers?

Low Winter Sun

Low Winter Sun may be in trouble. AMC knew the show would suffer after the finale of Breaking Bad and thus gave last week’s airing of the episode “Revelations” an online kick-start. That was a good idea because the numbers on Sunday proved it was seen by a mere 0.871 million viewers in its temporary time slot. Yikes!

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Even more concerning is the lack of promotional materials for the upcoming season finale. Touted as a two-hour show, it’s actually two separate episodes airing on one night — “Ann Arbor” and “Surrender.” AMC has graciously posted on its site a clip of the first episode, and we’re sharing it with you below. One of the “sneak peek” photos is featured above. Reveals quite a lot, doesn’t it?

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I really don’t know whether Low Winter Sun can be salvaged at this point. If the network doesn’t seem interested in bringing viewers to the party, why should we bother to invest any more time in a show that’s weighed down by a heavy plot that twists itself more tightly every week and unhappy characters who take themselves too seriously?

What could Low Winter Sun do to turn itself around?

  1. Stop taking itself so seriously. When someone delivers a line like “You chose a dark path, Mr. Pearce. Don’t curse the thorns,” someone should laugh out loud at it. Seriously, who talks like that?
  2. If Frank (Mark Strong) is going to continue to beat himself up over his — now deceased — love, Katia (Mickey Sumner), then the writers should make us believe there was love in the first place. Instead, we’ve had an entire season of a man obsessing over a prostitute, and it all came down to sex-room chatting via webcam before his partner shoved her over a balcony. Did anyone think Frank was anything other than an obsessed stalker?
  3. One of the “good guys” needs to step up to the plate. Dani (Athena Karkanis) is the most logical choice, but now that we’ve learned the captain has been sanctioning hits in connection with Joe (Lennie James) and his old partner (whose murder set off the whole season), being a good guy will likely get that person killed.
  4. Choose a story and stick with it. Is this a show about the dark, mean streets of Detroit? Is it about the corruption of the police department that works the streets? Or maybe, is it about the criminals whom those cops seem to align themselves with to make a little on the side? One thing is certain — there is too much going on to make any one of the stories resonate with viewers.

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Check out the video for “Ann Arbor” below and try to guess what “Surrender” might hold. Here’s hoping viewers get some sense of satisfaction at the end of it all. Don’t forget: Low Winter Sun starts its finale at 9/8c.

Image courtesy of Mark Preston/AMC

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