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Tim Burton cheats on Helena Bonham Carter

Tim Burton was spotted smooching a woman other than his longtime girlfriend, Helena Bonham Carter, inciting big cheating rumors.

Is Tim Burton cheating on his girlfriend of 12 years, Helena Bonham Carter, with a mystery blonde? It would seem that way after the legendary director was caught kissing a woman last week.

Burton went to a screening of The Wicker Man at a London theater in late September and was seen leaving accompanied by a mystery blonde. When they were just a couple of blocks away from the cinema, the pair snuck into a dark alleyway and began kissing passionately.

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Eyewitnesses claim to have seen the illicit smooch, and the Daily Mail even got photos of the cheating pair making out. The New York Times actually published the incriminating pictures.

While Burton and Bonham Carter have been together for years, they are known for their unconventional and peculiar relationship. The pair don’t even live together in the same house, although they do reside in neighboring homes.

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“He always visits, which is really touching,” Bonham Carter said about her living arrangement with Burton. “He’s always coming over. It really is a good idea. You never have to compromise emotionally or feel invaded.”

Besides not sharing quarters with his girlfriend, Burton also makes Bonham Carter audition for all the roles she gets in his films. The British actress has had to prove her worth in parts for films such as Big Fish and Alice in Wonderland because Burton does not want to be accused of playing favorites with her.

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There really haven’t been any signs that there is trouble in paradise for the esteemed couple. But, Burton and Bonham Carter haven’t been photographed together in public since they attended a Save the Children fundraiser event in March.

Burton’s smooch does not fare well for his relationship with the Les Misérables star, at least in the view of their fans. But, given the couple’s eccentric romance, kissing other people may be just par of the course for these two.

Time will tell.

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