Parks and Recreation: Kristen Bell trashed by Leslie Knope

Oct 3, 2013 at 4:01 p.m. ET

Expect an old-fashioned verbal catfight between Leslie Knope and Ingrid de Forest as the gloves come off during Knope's recall election and Eagleton is in her sights!

Kristen Bell Guest Parks and Recreation Things are about to get real on Parks and Recreation. As Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) faces a tough recall election, she decides to score points at a basketball rivalry press conference by taking potshots at Pawnee's nemesis, Eagleton, through its city councilor and guest star, Kristen Bell.

Bell is Ingrid de Forest, a formidable antagonist to the over-achieving Knope. While in office the previous year, Ingrid won the Miss Indiana pageant — while pregnant.

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Ben (Adam Scott) asks, "Are you sure you want to attack them at this press conference? It's a friendly wager of a high-school basketball game." Leslie replies, "I'm losing the recall election, Ben. Slamming Eagleton is the easiest way to score some point. Look, am I proud of it? Yes, because Eagleton sucks. But, is it the classiest move? Yes, because Eagleton sucks. Would I do it again? Yes, because Eagleton sucks."

Leslie roasts Eagleton with her snide comments about their wealth and uppity behavior, and they literally bear fruit — If Eagleton wins, they will earn a basket of wormy, pesticide-free Pawnee-grown apples. If Pawnee wins, they'll take a home a basket of crystal oranges worth over $700,000. To that I can only say: Go Pawnee!

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"The Pawnee-Eagleton Tip Off Classic" marks Bell's first appearance on Parks and Recreation, but it won't be her last. She's already scheduled to appear as de Forest in another episode later this season.

Kristen Bell and Adam Scott have worked together before, when Scott was starring in Party Down, a series created by Rob Thomas, the brains behind Veronica Mars, which propelled Bell to stardom. She appeared twice during the show's run as Uda Bengt.

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When not canoodling with Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, Bell can be found in House of Lies, a Showtime series starring Don Cheadle about a cutthroat management consultant whose team will use whatever means possible to get the information they want. Additionally, the long-awaited, fan-funded release of Veronica Mars is headed to the big screen in early 2014.

Check out the clip of Bell's Parks and Recreation debut below!

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