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Kim Kardashian’s baby is better dressed than you

What happened to giving a baby a bib or a rattle? Kim and Kanye’s daughter gets expensive designer clothes that most of us can’t afford.


Most new moms load up on baby fashions at Target or Baby Gap for their little ones. If you are Kim Kardashian, the outfits are a bit fancier and gifted to you from some of the world’s most prestigious fashion houses.

As baby North West’s mother, the reality star took to her Instagram account to show off what is going into her daughter’s closet. It’s fancy, it’s expensive and a three-month-old is officially better dressed than most of us.

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Even though Kardashian and her boyfriend Kanye West were busy living it up at Paris Fashion Week, the new mom made time to thank a few very special designers.

Three custom outfits came from Lanvin with a black frilly dress with tulle and a black ribbon, a dusty rose dress with a flower by the neckline and a two-piece outfit with a black skirt and a trendy T-shirt are all going to Nori.

The 32-year-old captioned the photo, “Thank you Alber for the gorgeous clothes for North!”

Alexander Wang went a step further and designed a leather halter dress for the fashionable tot. The card read, “Kanye, Might take some time for her to grow into,” since the outfit looks a little big for a baby.

Kardashian seemed pretty pleased with this look. She wrote, “This is so 2 die!!! Thank you Alex! can’t wait for North to wear this!”

Givenchy gave the couple the oddest looking T-shirt for their daughter. It is a custom shirt with a hybrid image of Bambi and lady with exposed legs placed together. As strange as it may sound, Kardashian gushed, “OMG Baby Bambi custom shirt for North!!! Thank you Riccardo!”

Whether the public actually sees Nori wearing some of her designer clothes remains to be seen. Her parents have kept her under wraps except for a very public photo on her grandmother’s now-cancelled talk show this summer.

Either way, she is one best-dressed baby.

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