Rihanna tries to out-twerk Miley in new video "Pour It Up"

Oct 2, 2013 at 8:40 p.m. ET

Rihanna puts Miley's butt to shame in the twerk-eriffic new video "Pour it Up."


I'm not sure why Rihanna has had to resort to stripping in her new video.

Maybe she has fallen on hard times — you know, with clothes and jewelry costing what they do these days.

Well, she's pretty clear about her career change in her new video "Pour it Up."

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With Rihanna's credentials, of course, she's the queen of strippers and therefore gets to sit in her royal stripper throne and only throw her bottom around when she wants to.

Otherwise, she leaves a lot of the "dancing" to her stripper friends in the video who, by the way, are extremely talented in the ways of both pole dancing and splashing pool water using only their posteriors.

To say that Rihanna and her ladies are clothed is being generous with the definition of clothing. They are covered enough to be on the internet, but that's about it. Even her heels are see-through.

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And can I just add here that we should not be licking money? Money is the dirtiest thing out there, Rihanna. You know better. Twerking, I'm fine with. Licking money? That's just gross.

As for the song... wait. There's a song? I was just mesmerized by the video. I guess that I missed that there was a song there.

It's probably just as well. If the song isn't memorable, you have to do something else to make your listeners remember. And there is hardly a guy, or a gal for that matter, who will be able to forget this video. They may try, but it's certainly a sight to see.

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The difference between this video and other overly-sexy videos we've been seeing lately (ahem, Miley) is that Rihanna is in absolute control of everything around her. She knows who she is and what she is doing. Unlike Miley, Rihanna doesn't need to tell us she's sexy or what she's smoking. We already know.

Rihanna pretty much makes Miley look like the little kid she is.

So if you want to see how twerking should be done, check out Rihanna's NSFW video "Pour it Up" below.


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