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Sinitta threatens to air Simon Cowell’s dirty laundry

What a tangled web Simon Cowell weaves! One of his ex-girlfriends is upset at The X Factor host for having a baby with another woman. It’s a complicated tale.


Not everyone is happy about Simon Cowell‘s impending fatherhood, especially his ex-girlfriend Sinitta. The ’80s singer has made it very clear in the press that she aborted his child at his request while they were dating.

To set the record straight, the 49-year-old musician has taken to Twitter to make her voice heard. She wrote to Britain’s ITV host, Jeremy Kyle, asking him to let her appear on his show and to take a lie detector test while on the air.

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Kyle had already asked her to be on his show, but she initially declined. It seems that she’s had a change of heart.

She wrote, “Jeremy kyle, I know I declined your celebrity chat, but I’d love to do your show PROVIDED you provide a lie detection device.. #thisHAStoEnd.”

Tom Bower, a close friend of Cowell’s, revealed a few intimate details about Sinitta to Closer magazine.

He said, “She admitted she was very upset by the revelations. She didn’t see it coming. I think she’s deeply, deeply in love with Simon. She is, in the best sense of the word, confused. She’s just got to sort out her own emotions.”

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Bower, who is also the biographer of Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell, says that there’s a bit of rivalry between Lauren Silverman, Sinitta and Cowells’ other exes, Jackie St. Clair and Mezhgan Hussainy. It’s something that Cowell relishes because he has a “harem” of women around him.

The author explained, “Simon’s great art is keeping all the women in love with him. He loves it when they all argue with each other, that’s part of his pleasure. The girls row and get irritated and he enjoys watching them cat-fight. It’s part of the price, part of the life of being close to Simon.”

Right now, Cowell’s heart belongs to Silverman, who is pregnant with his first child. It remains to be seen whether the duo will ever marry. In the meantime, Sinitta is creating a bumpy path for the couple to enjoy their pregnancy.

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