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Ivanka Trump won’t reveal the sex of baby no. 2

Ivanka Trump wants to keep things quiet for baby number two. The reality star and business model revealed that she’s not telling anyone the sex… even her husband!

Ivanka Trump second pregnancy

Ivanka Trump might prominently feature her growing stomach in a curve-hugging coral gown on the cover of Fit Pregnancy, but don’t expect her to reveal much more about her second child.

Why? She wants to stay in control. The Apprentice star told the magazine that she was super excited to find out the sex, but no one else will know until the baby arrives later this month.

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“I don’t like to tell people, but I don’t have the discipline to keep it a surprise. There are so many variables in motherhood that, those I can control, I like to,” she said.

The 32-year-old even joked that she tried to keep her husband, Jared Kushner, in the dark.

“I had a long running joke/prank with my husband, where I told him the only thing he would have to do the whole pregnancy is pack the bag for the hospital,” she joked.

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“He initially thought I was joking, but I kept going with the joke and he became very nervous about it. He kept telling me, ‘I’m happy to do this, but you’re going to be unhappy with what I pack. I’m going to pack the wrong things; some of this stuff, I don’t know what it means. You know the nursing bra? I have no idea what that is.'”

The daughter of Donald Trump added that she approached fashion much differently for her second pregnancy.

“I’ve actually made it through most of this pregnancy without wearing maternity clothes. The first time around, I took it so literally with the wrap dresses,” the mom of Arabella Rose, 2, said. “Those things are great and good staples for one’s wardrobe, but I think you can actually be a lot more playful.”

Part of that credit can also go to her healthy diet. Trump told The Wall Street Journal that she’s eating a lot of cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and water.

“When I wake up, I have a glass of water with lemon,” she said, adding that she hasn’t experienced much morning sickness the second time ’round. “Before I was pregnant, all I drank was coffee, but now I drink a tremendous amount of water. I get anxiety if I go for 30 minutes without a glass of water near me!”

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