Jodie Foster is dating Ellen DeGeneres’ ex

Love is in the air for Jodie Foster as she embarks on a new relationship with Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend

Jodie Foster is dating Ellen DeGeneres's ex-girlfriendLove is in the air for actress Jodie Foster — she has just begun a relationship with Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend, photographer Alexandra Hedison.

Hedison dated funny woman DeGeneres for three years before they split in 2004 and DeGeneres went on to marry her love, Portia de Rossi.

This new relationship is good news for the The Brave One actress, as she sadly split from her previous partner Cydney Bernard in 2008, after spending 20 years together. However, the pair appear to have remained amicable and still co-parent their two sons Charles and Kit.

Foster has now moved on and she appears to be very happy. A source told E! News, “It’s pretty serious. They’re totally in love.”

Foster earlier this year publicly acknowledged her sexuality for the first time, when she happily accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globe Awards.

The Oscar-winning actress gave a rather unexpected acceptance speech, about what we can only assume addressed the importance of privacy. Having been in the public eye for so long, her sexuality is one of many things that Foster would rather remained private.

Foster jokingly confessed, “A big coming out speech tonight… I already did my coming out about a thousand years ago, back in the Stone Age, in those very quaint days when a fragile young girl would open up to trusted friends, and family, co-workers and then gradually, proudly, to everyone who knew her, to everyone she actually met.

“But now, apparently I’m told, that every celebrity is expected to give the details of their private life with a press conference, a fragrance and a prime time reality show… I’m sorry, that’s just not me and it never will be.”

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