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Our favorite Veronica Mars moments in GIFs

With the confirmation that Kristen Bell’s cult classic TV series Veronica Mars will be made into a movie early next year, we’ve already started our countdown. First up? A series of celebratory GIFS.

Logan takes a stand for Veronica

Veronica Mars GIF

This scene proved pivotal for moving Veronica and Logan — or LoVe as the fans dubbed them — from secret fling to legitimate relationship. Up to this point, they’d been keeping their canoodling under wraps for fear of how Duncan would react. Well, it sucks for him he had to find out by Logan announcing it to their entire class, but we have to give major kudos to Logan for going to bat for V when his friend Dick makes a snide remark about her. It’s so West Side Story or The Outsiders… we love forbidden love!

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Veronica calls out Weevil’s “hog”

Veronica Mars GIF

This little gem just so happens to come from the show’s pilot, and that’s part of its appeal. The first season hooked us with witty banter and double entendres that sent a clear message: This may be a show set in high school, but it’s definitely adult-friendly. In this scene, Weevil makes a comment to Veronica that the only time he cares what a woman says is when she’s riding his big old hog… his motorcycle, naturally. Unfazed by his sexual innuendo, Veronica uses her trademark sarcasm to cut his, ahem, machismo down to size.

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Logan convinces Veronica not to shoot Cassidy

Veronica Mars GIF

Granted, this was not a happy scene. It was brutal. And accordingly so, since the revelation that led to it — Cassidy (aka Beaver) blew up the bus full of kids, raped Veronica and blew up the plane she thought her father was on — was pretty frickin’ brutal. But, for all of his “psychotic” bravado, Logan proved he could tell when a line shouldn’t be crossed. By methodically repeating “You’re not a killer, Veronica,” he manages to talk her out of turning Cassidy’s own gun on him. Why do we love this super-sad scene? First, Bell’s acting is ah-mazing. And second, it opens the door for a romantic rekindling of LoVe.

Veronica gets thrown in the clink

Veronica Mars GIF

Three words: funniest scene ev-er. OK, that may not be entirely true — there are a lot of really funny scenes in Veronica Mars. But this scene is one of my personal faves. Any scene with Veronica and her dad Keith is pretty much comic gold, and this one illustrates just how adorable a father-daughter duo they make. Coupled with myriad prison-yard cliches, Veronica’s stint in the slammer slays me.

Veronica and Logan’s bathroom make-out sesh

Veronica Mars GIF

Yeah, yeah… Veronica and Logan’s first kiss was cute. Magical even. But a couple of episodes into their fledgling romance, and they were full-on hot and heavy — which is exactly what they were getting in the girls’ bathroom at school in between classes. Oh, to be young and in lust. And impulsive. And not worried about getting athlete’s foot somewhere far more delicate than your foot. In all seriousness though, this scene shows off a huge draw of the series: Veronica and Logan’s undeniable chemistry.

Veronica threatens to taser Wallace

Veronica Mars GIF

This moment made the list for a few reasons. It’s good for a giggle, for one. Also, it revolves around Veronica trying to sort through her confusion about kissing Wallace’s roommate, Piz. V’s involvement with Piz was a bitter pill to swallow for some diehard LoVe fans (Who? Us? Never.), but it was an important point of growth for our main character. In this scene, she jokingly slings this barb at Wallace when he gives her a hard time about her kiss with Piz.

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Logan lays down one epic speech

Veronica Mars GIF

This may very well be the most quoted moment in Veronica Mars history. This scene, in which Logan gives what is fondly referred to as his “epic” speech to Veronica, made super-fan hearts everywhere flutter. And why wouldn’t it? Not only does he call their love epic, but he describes it as being the type of love “spanning years and continents” and over which there are “lives ruined, bloodshed.” When V presses him about the grandiose statement, he smartly remarks, “No one writes songs about the ones that come easy.” Man, that’s a good line… too bad he didn’t remember saying it the next day.


Seeing as there are about a million stellar Veronica Mars‘ moments, we had to relegate ourselves to choosing a few that stood out. What did we miss? Let us know via comment below!

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