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EXCLUSIVE: Behind-the-scenes clip from Last Vegas

How much trouble can four men in their 60s and 70s get into? When it’s Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline, it’s sure to be a lot. Any time you put this many heavy-hitters into a comedy, be prepared for surprises.

Could this bachelor party rival The Hangover?

In this featurette, Michael Douglas says the filmmakers did a very smart thing in establishing the stars’ characters as kids in the front titles. “They got some amazing kids to really give you an idea of who they were when they got older,” says Douglas. “Then 58 years later, these four guys come back together.”

That’s right, the Flatbush Four reunite in Vegas to throw a massive bachelor party for Billy (Michael Douglas), the last unmarried member, before he finally ties the knot with a woman half his age. Could this be art imitating life?

Last Vegas is a comedy that explores the bonds of friendship, aging and attempting to hang on to one’s youth. Mary Steenburgen makes an appearance in the film and, according to, Prince Jackson is rumored to play a Michael Jackson impersonator.

Last Vegas opens in theaters Nov. 1.

Photo credit: CBS Films

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