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Saturday Night Live and other weekend premieres

Premiere season is here! This weekend brought us several premiere gems, and here are some of our favorites.

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is back for its 39th season and this year it shot out of the cannon with six new cast members and your royal highness of comedy, Tina Fey. Fey hazed the iconic show’s frosh by making them dance in the opening monologue, much to their humiliation. Watching the premiere made those of us who have come to view SNL as a bit of a yawn-fest (partially because of the time of day that it’s on, and partially because of the content) wonder if SNL is good again. The Obamacare opener set the tone with lines like, “I’m lickin’ hella subway poles” and “I went to school for eight damn years, so don’t you dare look me in the face and tell me you fell on a toy fire truck, you monsters.” Pure genius.

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Kim Kardashian

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Ah, the whine train has left the station for a new season of TV’s most infamous family, the Kardashians. Lots happened in the premiere — Kim Kardashian resisted and then relented on the idea of a baby shower and Khloe struggled with her “camel toe.” When the show tackled the gun control issue, Kris Jenner disposed of an unwanted firearm by burying it in cement and then threw daughter Kylie under the bus when Bruce Jenner discovered the gun was missing. Naturally, momager Kris’ plan backfired (pun intended) when Bruce bought Kris a gun of her very own. In this clip, Kim tells her family she doesn’t want a baby shower, which has us wondering, what was with all the bright red lipstick in this premiere? Please don’t let daytime bright red lipstick become a thing. Please.

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Eric and Jessie

Eric & Jessie: Game On

In the promo for Eric & Jessie: Game On, we hear Eric Decker talk about how he and his Maxim-featured wife Jessie James (um, is that her real name?) can’t go anywhere without being recognized — to which we replied, Eric who? Turns out Decker is a wide receiver for the Denver Broncos and James is a country singer. Oh.

With a gut full of cynicism, we tuned into what we thought would be another profile of the rich and overindulged, but our snarkiness started to ebb when James smeared chocolate chips all over her teeth and asked her gorgeous husband if she’s pretty. Then when she drank a bottle of glass cleaner, which was really Gatorade to trick Decker, we were in. We loathe to admit it, but these freakishly attractive and successful people are funny and entertaining. Sure, their biggest problems are whether or not Decker will get traded, and they’ll have to switch out their opulent Denver mansion for a mansion somewhere else and what they’ll do when James has a tour while Decker plays football, but they’re cute, so we’ll look past that.

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