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7 Creepy clues to what’s ahead on Ravenswood

Caleb thought he had it rough in Rosewood, but his newly adopted town seems to have it in for him. Soaking away your troubles could have unforeseen consequences in this shady place!

Caleb and Miranda in Ravenswood

Ravenswood kicks off its world premiere on Oct. 22, immediately following the highly anticipated Halloween episode of Pretty Little Liars, leaving Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) to start anew in the mysterious town bearing the same name as the show.

Thanks to Pretty Little Liars, we already know a bit about Ravenswood. For one thing, it has the ability to suck up former Rosewood residents (hello, Alison!) to keep them safe from harm. For another, it has a long-standing history with its partner town that can be traced back through yearbooks featuring the elusive Mrs. Grunwald. Finally, the folks in Ravenswood throw mean parties.

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What else can we discover about Caleb’s new home, new friends and future by examining the video recently released by ABC Family? Let’s find out!

1) The local cemetery is a meeting place and an artistic outlet for townsfolk

Caleb and Miranda (Nicole Gale Anderson) stroll through for a heart-to-heart conversation, passing a headstone with “black widow” tagged on it in spray paint. The silence afforded to those wanting to get to know each other or share a confidence makes the graveyard an ideal place for chitchat, but I can’t condone defacing the final resting place of loved ones — even if they’re not yet laid to rest!

2) “Black widow” refers to Luke and Olivia’s mother

The headstone in the cemetery marks a reserved plot, without dates, bearing the name Rochelle Matheson. It stands next to the headstone of her deceased husband, Charles. Luke (Brett Dier) seems mighty upset about what the residents of the grim town thought of his and Olivia’s mother. Do the feelings carry over to her children, too?

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3) The water isn’t safe in Ravenswood

Caleb’s relaxing bath turns into a nightmare when someone covers him in plastic and surfacing seems somewhat… troublesome. Later, we see a car careen off of a road and into a river. We can only hope it’s not the same car shown carrying the five new friends driving through town. Surely, they’ll all make it out of Season 1 alive!

4) Caleb may have ancestors in Ravenswood

Caleb may be able to trace his roots to the macabre little town, if the glaring clue he discovered in the dusky cemetery means anything. Caleb is skilled in subtlety. In the preview, he mentions he found a likeness of his face on a headstone in the graveyard, yet he doesn’t bother to note that the name on the stone is an identical match, as well — Caleb Rivers.

5) At least 5 teens have previously been killed together in Ravenswood

Caleb’s doppelganger is buried in the nearby cemetery, but if the news archives showing five teens killed in a train crash on the same day (as what?!) are reflecting a pattern (of more deaths?!), then more headstones with pictures displaying familiar faces may be discovered before we’re done scouring the graveyard.

6) Classic horror movie themes may turn up on occasion

It looks like Olivia will achieve the dream of all girls — becoming homecoming queen. What every girl does not aspire to is riding down the road in a convertible in her gown and crown only to be showered with red paint. It could be blood, but it looks like paint to me. That sure sends a Carrie vibe my way. It would be fun if Ravenswood liberally spread similar nods to classics throughout its episodes.

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7) There’s going to be kissing and fighting

OK — this isn’t exactly a creepy clue, but it’s information gleaned from the preview, and fighting is bad. We do know more than one couple will kiss and a couple of dudes will be fighting, but in none of the instances do we see Caleb or Miranda involved — yet.

It looks like Caleb might be staying faithful to Hanna (Ashley Benson), at least for the short term. Could our hearts really suffer the loss under any other circumstances? Caleb has always been a true-blue romantic boyfriend. To change him now would do a disservice to a character who was so beloved that he earned a spinoff.

Miranda and Caleb are giving off more of a sibling vibe. How would you feel about that arrangement? Siblings also seem like a thematic element of the story, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Caleb discovers he has a half sister in Miranda.

Without further ado, watch the video and see for yourself what’s on the horizon Oct. 22 on ABC Family.

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

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