VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel skit makes Kanye hit the caps lock

Sep 26, 2013 at 10:55 p.m. ET

Kanye West can't take a joke it seems — and now he is internet-yelling at Jimmy Kimmel over what was meant to be a light-hearted comedy routine.

Kanye West

Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West were pals, as unlikely as that seems — but that odd-couple friendship has either hit the skids or we're in the middle of a great episode of Punk'd.

Kimmel ran a hilarious skit on his show earlier this week poking fun at West's recent BBC interview, using kids to act out the dialogue. The result: comedy gold! (To everyone but West.)

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Watch the Kanye West skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live


Turns out the bit didn't exactly tickle West's funnybone. He went full caps lock on Twitter to vent his utter rage on (now former) friend Kimmel.


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Another ridiculous missive: "Should I do a spoof about your face or you f***ing Ben Affleck... #nodisprespectBenAffleck #alldisrespectJimmyKimmel!!!"

And immediately after his tweet about the wedding, he continued with, "Who you made it clear to me wasn't your family when I was on then [sic] phone with you 5minutes ago,you manipulative media mutherf*****."

West then posted two images featuring beloved children's characters mocking Kimmel, complete with language no child should hear, see or use.

Kimmel is swearing up and down on Twitter that this is not a prank and seems to be getting as much of a kick out of West's temper tantrum as we are.


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Will Kanye West ever forgive Jimmy Kimmel? Will Kimmel mock him even harder on tonight's show? If you can't catch it tonight, check out SheKnows Entertainment tomorrow for the full scoop!

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